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Our Courses

The Best In Our School

Drum Lessons

Beginner drum lessons online and Beginners to advanced students and people of all ages are welcome to our one-on-one drum lessons. These classes are taught by a small group of experienced teachers at Wendy’s Music School. Our teachers are very friendly and will help you learn in a way that empowers you to achieve your goals and reach your dreams. You can start learning on the drumkit at any age, and we make sure the learning process is an enjoyable one.

Students will learn how to be creative in their music, and they will learn about music theory. They will also learn about groove and rhythm and encounter a variety of music styles, including jazz, contemporary and blues. We also prepare students for ANZCA and AMEB grades.

Our goal is to make student into great drummers and musicians, and this class is ideal for beginners.

You can go into these lessons focusing on what you want to, and you can change your focus as your tastes and skills develop. If you would like to focus on particular musical style, then try the learning stream that fits you best- Contemporary or Jazz.

Modern Drumming Lessons

Our contemporary music classes cover the music from the last 50 years as well as looking ahead at what’s to come for music. The genres covered include pop, rock, hard rock, alternative, indies, blues, country, punk, reggae, krautrock and gospel. You can focus on learning music from your favourite musicians or bands.

You will learn a variety of techniques, including coordination, keeping time with the music, grooves, hand technique, transcription reading, and playing with other musicians.

Jazz Drumming Lessons

Jazz drumming is based on improvisation and the ideas of harmony and melody. In this class, you will learn to develop your improvisation skills and perform jazz solos. You’ll also learn advanced techniques like comping and coordination. After taking this class, you will be able to read and decipher charts of chords.

You are welcome to take this class no matter what level of experience you have, though the class is most likely to attract people with previous drumming experience.

If you are interested in starting lessons at Wendy’s Music School, then call us today.

Piano Lessons

Beginner piano lessons online and Beginners and students of all skill levels and ages are welcome to our piano lesson classes. Our small group of teachers at Wendy’s Music are very friendly and experienced. They can help you no matter why you come to our school for piano lessons.

We work in a variety of genres, including blues, jazz, classical and modern styles. We also provide preparation for ANZCA and AMEB grade. Learning piano is a very interesting process that can be started by anyone at any age, and we just know you will enjoy taking lessons with us.

We will help you to focus on what is important and interesting to you about the lessons, and you can decide what goals you want to go for as you learn more about playing the piano. We can help you to focus on a particular style in one of our three streams- Classical, Modern and Jazz.

If you would like to book lessons or make an enquiry, then contact us today.

Classical Piano Lessons

You will learn music that spans the previous 400 years, including very early music, all the way to classical and contemporary music. This is a great place to start learning about classical music, and we welcome advanced students as well as beginners.

Exam Tuition for AMEB and ANZCA exams

Our lessons cover everything from preliminary studies to 8th grade all the way up to your diploma. Our comprehensive lessons include rhythm, practical music theory and harmony. You can learn how to play in an engaging and fluid way.

Modern Piano Lessons

You will learn about music from the last five decades as well as the music that is coming in the next few years. We cover classic rock, blues, country, gospel, punk, rock, alternative, folk, hard rock, reggae and poprock. You can learn about modern music by studying your favorite musicians and bands. These are lessons that are personalised to you. You will also learn proper hand technique, chord voicings, bass-lines, riffs, accompanying styles and transcription.

Jazz Piano Lessons

Our jazz teaching is based on improvisation, harmony and melody. You will learn how to decipher chord charts, use associated chords, improvise on your own and create a solo over an existing jazz harmony. We welcome beginners as well as advanced students.

If you would like to learn how to play piano or increase the skill you already have, then give us a call today.

Guitar Lessons

There is a lot of range to our guitar lessons due to the various teachers we have on staff at Wendy’s Music School. We can provide lessons for anyone from advanced students to beginner levels, and we will help you learn the style of music that you care about. Our different genre streams include classical, jazz and contemporary.

We will help aspiring songwriters move along on their journey and get closer to their goals.

Modern Guitar Lessons

This covers popular music from 50 years ago all the way up to today, as well as a look at the music of the future. This series of lessons covers rock, hard rock, punk, alternative, folk, indies, blues, classic rock, poprock, reggae, pop and gospel music. We can personalise the lessons to focus on bands and musicians that you care abut

You will learn a variety of techniques, including fingerstyle, pick use, strumming and chords. Our lessons cover harmony, rhythm and practical music theory.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

We cover improvisation, how to decipher chords, how to play jazz solos over existing harmonies and much more. This series of lessons is based on improvising and harmonising. We gladly welcome experienced musicians as well as beginners.

Classical Guitar Lessons

Our classical music lessons cover music from the last few centuries and cover all the great artists. You will learn about early music, classical music and contemporary music. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student with some experience, we have lessons that will help you to move forward in your musical journey.

AMEB and ANZCA Exam Tuition

We cover from preliminary studies up to your diploma.

Contact us to book a lesson to learn guitar or to make an enquiry.

Bass Lessons

Wendy’s Music School provides bass lessons for students of any age and skill level. Students can learn on either electric or acoustic bass.

All lessons are taught by full-time bass players. You don’t have to worry that you are being taught bass by a guitarist who only plays bass part time.

Whether you are a hobbyist or aspiring to be a professional bass player, these lessons are for you. You can learn to play the music you like, whether you want to make your own or learn to pay covers from famous artists. The lessons are catered to what you want from them.

We will cover harmony, music theory and rhythm in depth in these lessons. We also cover reading chord charts and composition.

Book Lessons with Us

What are you wanting to do with your music and what skill level are you at? These are questions we will be asking you to help customise the lessons to your needs. If you are looking to get into music as a hobby, we will help you achieve your goals. If you want to play professionally, then we can put you on that path as well. You can learn at your own speed in a relaxing environment.

Our teachers are full-time bassists who have a love for music, and they will teach you the basic foundational concepts as well as more advanced techniques. You will learn the same techniques that professional, modern bassists use, and you will learn how music is composed, the technique you will be using, how to transcribe music and how to read charts. We will also cover music theory and aural training.

Wendy’s Music School has the bass lessons that will take you on your next step in your musical journey. Let us help you grow your love of music and develop your skills.

These are compressive lessons that will help you to achieve your true musical potential. Book with us today!

Singing Lessons

Beginner vocal lessons online and no matter what age or skill level you are at, we have music lessons for you, ranging from pop, classical, and jazz to blues. Each lesson will give students an extensive learning experience that will help them to reach their true potential in musicality.

There may be many reasons why a student would want to take singing lessons, and our program is specially customised to cater to those different paths to ensure that students get what they need out of the singing lessons. Whether you want to develop some confidence, be able to perform in front of a live audience, simply improve your vocal range or learn the basic techniques, you will find a friendly environment here that fosters learning and that feels relaxing.

You may see singing lessons as just a hobby or as another step on a path to a career. You may want to perform at one of our many live events, but we won’t place pressure on you to perform. If performing in front of others is something you are wanting to work toward, though, then we will have plenty of opportunities for you here. You decide what you want to focus on and what you want to get out of these lessons.

If you would like to focus on a particular style, then we have classical, jazz/blues, and contemporary streams for you to pick from.

Contact us today to make an enquiry or to book a lesson.

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