The Play or Sing at Home Rewards System

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The Play at Home Reward System

What is it?

The “Play or Sing at Home Rewards System” is a motivational system used within Wendy’s Music School to help students to develop a routine of reviewing the work covered in their music lesson at home regularly and therefore develop their musical skill at a steady pace.

Who is it for?

The “Play at Home Rewards system” is for music students of any age who want to develop their musical skills easily and consistently.

Parents may need to supervise or assist very young students to accurately note play at home sessions.

How does it work?

1. Students need to printout a copy of Wendy’s 12 month Music Diary.

(available to purchase as a digital file that can then be printed as many times as needed)

2. At each Music lesson homework is recorded onto one of the “Lesson” sheets by the teacher, student or parent with as much detail as needed for the student to clearly remember the task.

3. Between each lesson the student /parent marks all items on the homework list of the lesson sheet on the days they are played/completed.

4. At the next lesson, your Wendy’s Music Teacher will award a special “Play at Home Reward Sticker” that can be collected on the Sticker sheets found in the back of the 12 month Diary.


Earning Reward Prizes

The Sticker Rewards Sheets are divided into 3 sections which means you have the ability to earn 3 Prizes.

1st Reward after earning 4 stickers

2nd Reward after earning 8 stickers

3rd Reward after earning 16 stickers.

Reward Prizes need to be ordered by the student posting a photo of their completed sticker reward sheet onto the Wendy’s Music Instagram page and emailing to

Prizes will usually be sent by post.

NB Actual Prizes can vary dependent upon stock and whether the student has previously participated!

Is this only for Wendy’s Music Students?

Anyone is invited to purchase the Diary here,

and the Sticker Templates here

Prizes can be anything from Music Books, Stationery, Vouchers or anything else teachers wish to supply to their students.




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