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Tanja Rajicic – Brookfield Studio and In Homes


  • Bachelor of Arts (Music) - completing 2019
  • Diploma of Arts (Music)
  • Certificate III of Acting (Screen)

I teach students in my Home Teacher Studio,

I travel to student's homes around my area to teach,

I teach lessons from my own studio online via our easy to use skype connection, so students have the convenience of playing their own instrument, in their own home.

Singing – Beginner to Intermediate


Contemporary, Classical, Jazz, Folk ,Improvisation

Juniors (5-12 years)

Teens (13-19 years)

  • Songwriting & Composition
  • Theory of Music

I have a current Police Check or equivalent

I have experience organising choirs, and students in productions.

I have been involved in solo performing for 15 years, and ensemble performing for almost 8 years now. Currently I have weekly rehearsals and performances with my band in Collarts.

With just over 15 years of studying music, I've gathered a lot of knowledge as to how to best teach someone the art. I wasn't always satisfied with the vocal teachers I've had until a few years ago. I believe that teaching techniques need to adjust to every student. It's important to know your student and never underestimate them, comfortably allowing them to open their voices confidently and achieving their best with their instrument.

Music is something I've known my whole life and it's what I feel comfortable in. I've had a natural talent for the art since I was born and I can't imagine not being able to share what I love with other people who want to learn it. I also feel that my teaching skills would benefit my students.

  • Academic Excellence Award in performing, 2016.
  • Academic Excellence Award in performing, 2017.

This is a difficult question seeing as so many younger artists are rising but names that could never die are Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. However my current favourite piece of music is 'My Girl' by The Temptations as their harmonies recently stood out to me.

Any review founded

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