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Benjamin Nicholson – Rowville Studio and In Home


  • Grade 8 AMEB Cello
  • Grade 8 AMEB Piano
  • Grade 5 AMEB pipe organ
  • Grade 7 AMEB musicianship

I teach students in my Home Teacher Studio,

I travel to student's homes around my area to teach,

I teach lessons from my own studio online via our easy to use skype connection, so students have the convenience of playing their own instrument, in their own home.

Cello–  Beginner to Advanced


Piano - Beginner to Intermediate

Juniors (5-12 years)

Teens (13-19 years)

Adults (19 +)

  • Theory of Music

I have a current Police Check or equivalent

Currently I teach private cello and musicianship/theory students of all ages. As an experienced performer and principal cello, I conduct, teach, mentor other musicians in both cello technique and musicology/composer's etc... in an ensemble setting.

I have nearly 30 years experience in symphony orchestra, philharmonic/opera orchestras, chamber and string ensembles, theatre and band playing and solo cello performing. Am currently a principal cellist in community and professional orchestras (Nationwide and touring orchestras), amateur and professional theatre shows and perform with contemporary artists requiring strings both on stage and in recording sessions. Also play in wedding and corporate ensembles.

I truly believe that music is a way of life, not just a hobby at any level of skill. I simply want to share that with as many people as possible. I guess I am talking most specifically from a cello point-of-view; the method and philosophy I teach on cello is one of having perfect physical form with the instrument; learning the correct way your body should be with the cello, from the obvious left hand position and right hand bow-hold, to how the rest of body should move in conjunction with parts of the body that contact the instrument in order create sound. I am adamant that this is vital in learning the cello and have seen students thrive after learning these techniques properly and opposite, have seen students quit because they were not taught this in the beginning stages. Also, I love showing students what it means to enjoy playing an instrument. It's not just about discipline (whilst is very important for technique, especially on cello) but enjoying exercises that just aren't doing scales over and over, therefore I create individual lessons for each individual! I have seen too many people 'give up' because it is just to hard (cello being a deceivingly difficult instrument to play well!). Whilst the fundamentals are the same, I have found that individualization is excellent in keeping a student interested in the instrument week after week. What I really do love is seeing students, when I like to say, when thing's suddenly "CLICK"! e.g. bow hold. The sheer enjoyment they have when all that hard work has paid off. I also believe in making the process of teaching someone enjoyable! The way I talk to them and how to get the idea across in an enjoyable way. I certainly grew up (as a music student) in a very 'hard-nosed' disciplined environment, you know; practice, practice, practice ... if you didn't, rap across the knuckles with a ruler, type thing. Whilst discipline is vital in learning, it must be enjoyable to encourage further learning. This all goes for not just on cello but also in ensemble settings etc...

Watching how students grow a love for music and the instrument with the teachings and guidance from myself (see above) most specifically with the cello.

Tough question, so much I could write down hahaha. I do love baroque composers, as a cellist J.S.Bach stands out (6 solo suites for cello) along with J.C.Bach, Vivaldi (dbl cello concerto, but also gtr and lute concertos/sonatas), Telemann, Reger amoung many others. Elgar, Dvorak, Haydn, Boccerinni for cello concertos. Mozart, and from an Opera standpoint, Verdi, Wagner, Leoncavallo. For piano works would go with Schubert (Impromptus), Mozart (Piano sonatas), Liszt (Namely Tottentanz), Chopin, Beethoven. Bach's organ works are also a standout, was lucky enough to learn pipe organ Contemporary music: Really am a fan from Led Zeppelin, The Who eras through to a lot of alternative through the 90's, more vocal/folk type stuff through the 00's. Heavier rock into metal like Metallica. Really quite a varied range of taste.