Wendy’s Music is always looking to partner with schools that would like to expand or improve their instrumental or vocal music programs. Programs are available with face to face lessons or online lessons using specialised video chat (like Skype but designed for music teaching) technology.

How does it work?

Wendy’s Music School (WMS)has been providing instrumental and Singing lessons to government, catholic and special schools since the early 90’s.

Step one: The school decision Makers and Wendy discuss and decide upon the best offering of instruments and class types for the school and reach a written agreement for a 2 year term.

Step two: WMS in conjunction with the School broadcast to the school community the opportunities available in advance of the start of the program to enable WMS to determine best teachers for the various programs.

Step three: WMS confirm enrolments through their website enrolment effectively setting up an account for each family for payments, timetables, lesson notes and more. NB Parents have online access at anytime. A holding deposit to the value of 2 lessons is paid by parents for each student.

Step four: WMS finalises teachers and timetables and communicates all necessary details to the school.

Step five: WMS confirms and organises access to instruments, equipment  and/or music books required by the school and/or families.

Step six: the fun begins! Weekly lessons begin with weekly lesson notes emailed and weekly payments.

Step seven: Performance opportunities are discussed and created in discussion with the school.

Aims of  our school programs:

The quality of our school programs do not differ from our “private”/ afterschool lessons in homes or studios.

All our lessons aim to build musical knowledge and skills whilst also developing the confidence and creativity of every student.

Our “Learn to Play or Sing” curriculum has the flexibility to given repetition with variety when needed OR allow students with prior knowledge or skill to FAST TRACK through the program.

We encourage but never force students to participate in performance opportunities starting with small in class participation and gradually building confidence and the fun of playing with others in front of whole school community.

For students wanting certification, exams are offered with both ANZCA and AMEB and other exam institutions such as Rockschool by request. Wendy’s experience as an ANZCA examiner ensures all teachers and students have full support in exam preparation.

For school who wish to develop Bands, Choirs, or other musical groups, WMS will be very excited to lead such groups but it will be dependent upon having enough students in the program for those instruments for it to be viable for all concerned.

School program requirements:

  • Schools are required to provide a suitable room with computer and internet access for lessons to be delivered
  • When offering Piano or Drumkit lessons, schools should be prepared to invest in suitable instruments, such as digital pianos or drums, guitars or keyboards.
  • Of course it is expected that Schools will provide encouragement and assistance in advertising the programs within their community to get the best results and foster a positive music culture at their school.
  • School administration is required to provide timetable and calendar information in a timely manner to ensure all programs can run smoothly.

Wendy’s Music will provide:

  • Full administration of the programs,
  • Wendy’s Music will provide trained teachers,
  • Instrument Hire or Purchasing,
  • “Learn to Play or Sing” student resources at no cost via our digital platform,
  • Music Books& Equipment sales
  • & Equipment.
  • Performance opportunities,
  • Exam preparation & organisation

Face to Face lessons:

  • Wendy’s Music Teachers will attend the school for lessons
  • Wendy’s Music may supply some instruments such as keyboards
  • Lessons may be held during or after school hours

NB Face to face lessons may not be available in all locations.

Online Lessons:

  • Wendy’s Music Teachers will deliver lessons online via the internet
  • Lessons may be held during or after school hours

If your school or centre is interested in discussing the possibility of running Wendy’s Music programs at your location, please contact us via the contact form below

Instruments offered:

Piano   /  Keyboard  / Acoustic Guitar  / Electric Guitar

Violin  / Singing  / Drumkit  / Flute  /  Clarinet  / Saxophone

Trumpet  /  Trombone  /  Ukelele / Recorder  /  Oboe  / Brass

Percussion  / Recording & Production / Song writing & Composition.


Please contact Wendy on 0418 394 556 for further information.

Potential Class types:

Groups of 6-10 30-50 minutes

Small group of 3-5 30 minutes

Individual 20 minutes

Individual 30 minutes

Individual 45 minutes

Please contact us for Prices.