Scholarships are offered to encourage students to get started or improve on the instrument of their choice, develop their musical skill, self esteem and reap the rewards that music learning can give. Scholarships are for students new to Wendy’s Music School.

Each Scholarship is generally a Half scholarship for a term of lessons, but additional smaller scholarships are often offered when Wendy believes there is sufficient reason. A Half scholarship means every lesson for the term ( usually 8 -10 weeks) are reduced in cost by half. Scholarships can be used at any of Wendy’s Music School locations that has what Wendy’s staff deem to be appropriate vacancies.

Term 1

Applications close January 15th

  • Junior Piano INDIVIDUAL
  • Junior Guitar INDIVIDUAL
  • Junior Singing INDIVIDUAL
  • Junior Violin INDIVIDUAL
  • Junior Drumkit INDIVIDUAL
  • Junior Flute INDIVIDUAL
  • Junior Saxophone INDIVIDUAL

Term 2

Applications close March 19th

  • Preschool Piano INDIVIDUAL
  • Preschool Singing INDIVIDUAL
  • Preschool Violin INDIVIDUAL
  • Preschool Drumkit INDIVIDUAL

Term 3

Applications close June 26th

  • Teen Piano INDIVIDUAL
  • Teen Guitar INDIVIDUAL
  • Teen Singing INDIVIDUAL
  • Teen Violin INDIVIDUAL
  • Teen Drumkit INDIVIDUAL
  • Teen Flute INDIVIDUAL
  • Teen Saxophone INDIVIDUAL

Term 4

close September 18th

  • Adult Piano INDIVIDUAL
  • Adult Guitar INDIVIDUAL
  • Adult Singing INDIVIDUAL
  • Adult Violin INDIVIDUAL
  • Adult Drumkit INDIVIDUAL
  • Adult Flute INDIVIDUAL
  • Adult Saxophone INDIVIDUAL

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