Step by Step Piano Course The Fun Way Step 1 by Geraldine Law-Lee

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The Master books in Geraldine Law-Lee‘s Step By Step Piano Lessons The Fun Way series provide a gradual transition from nursery tunes to serious classics.

These songbooks reinforce each position whilst introducing the forms, dances, articulation and technique of the classics. The books in the Master series introduce questions and provoke discussions, and will increase the student’s understanding of aural, theoretical and technical terms.

Teachers using the series must point out specific intervals and chords for aural recognition, ask questions about styles, periods, composers, terms, titles, forms, dynamic and tempo marks in Italian, etc. regularly during lessons.

The Master series also covers all scales, reading and styles of periods required in the grades and examinations. A section of fun pieces is still included at the back in the keys and necessary reading abilities required for the grades. These include many evergreen tunes known by parents and children that may by memorised and played for entertainment sessions either at home or for friends.