Razzamajazz Piano & Keyboard + CD


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The fun and exciting way to learn the piano . The latest in the Sarah Watts Razzamajazz series. Starting with just one note, a new note is introduced one at a time, making this the fun way to learn. Includes a free accompaniment CD._x000D_n_x000D_nTrack Titles:_x000D_nB by D.C!_x000D_nB.C!_x000D_nBerwang Morning_x000D_nBus Stop Blues_x000D_nCentral Park Waltz_x000D_nChloe’s CD_x000D_nCloud Nine_x000D_nC Sure_x000D_nGrace_x000D_nHigh Tide_x000D_nOily Rag_x000D_nSea Mist_x000D_nSpandangle_x000D_nSpanish Shrimp_x000D_nStarburst_x000D_nSweet Cafe_x000D_nThe Island_x000D_nTiger Lily_x000D_nWait and C