Piano Sonatas, Volume II


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Beethoven¬ís 32 piano sonatas are often referred to as the ¬ìNew Testament of Music¬î (Hans von B√ºlow). Since the publication of Henle’s complete edition in two volumes, experts have praised it as being the most reliable Urtext edition. Its contents: an almost inexhaustible wealth of pianistic musical flights of inspiration and such high profile works ¬ñas the Sonatas ¬ìPath√©tique¬î, ¬ìMoonlight¬î, ¬ìStorm¬î, ¬ìAppassionata¬î, ¬ìWaldstein and ¬ìHammerklavier¬î. Even if you think you’ll never ever play them all the acquisition of the ¬ìNew Testament¬î is always worthwhile, whether clothbound, paperbound or as a study edition in Henle Urtext. Sonata [Tempest] d minor Op.31,2
Sonata [Hunting] E flat major Op.31,3
Sonata gminor Op.49,1
Sonata G major Op.49,2
Sonata [Waldstein] C major O p.53
Sonata F major Op.54
Sonata [Appassionata] f minor Op.57
Sonata [A Thérèse] F sharp major Op.78
Sonata [Sonatina] G major Op.79
Sonata [Les Adieux] E flat major Op.81a
Sonata e minor Op.90
Sonata A major Op.101
Sonata [Hammerklavier] B flat major Op.106
Sonata E major Op.109
Sonata A flat major Op.110
Sonata c minor Op.111

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