Learn to Play Guitar Sight-Reading Book - Beginners Stage 1 HARDCOPY


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Sight-reading is “playing at sight”, which is playing without previous practise. It is a skill that can improve with practise, but which is initially built on a recognition of notes and rhythms, AND observation of the interval structures and patterns contained within each individual piece of music.nBeing fluent in sight-reading allows students to learn new pieces more quickly, giving greater enjoyment of practise sessions. The ability to sight read confidently also allows students to participate more easily in ensembles, bands or other musical groups. Most importantly though, being able to sight read gives students access to much more music than that which they are currently practising.nnBeing fluent in sight-reading allows students to explore music of their own choice whenever they wish.nnThis book is designed to be used as part of the Wendy’s Music Learn to Play or Sing Program.