Getting Started with Music Production


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Getting Started with Music Production is for anyone interested indeveloping a more efficient and creative approach to music production, and it’s structured so thoughtfully that it can be used as a textbook for a modular, activity-oriented course presented in any learning environment. As an added bonus, the text and accompanying examples are built around the free version of Studio One from PreSonus, so no matter what their musical or technical experience level, students don’t need to purchaseexpensive recording software to benefit from the presented material. Th e fundamental concepts and techniques delivered in this book apply seamlessly to any modern DAW.

The author includes 73 video tutorials, formatted for portable devices, that help further explain and expand on the instruction in the text. All supporting media is provided exclusively online, so whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device,you’ll have easy access to all of the supporting content.

Get ting Started with Music Production is intended for college music majors, high school students, and independent learners. The first ten chapters can be used by schools on the quarter system, with an additional five chapters provided for those on the semester system.

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