Create a Profitable Music School 8 week Masterclass

$399.00 $269.00


This course consists of 8 weeks of 1 hour online Masterclass small group sessions.

Each week Wendy will share her knowledge in one of the Important Steps of Learning followed by each individual participants opportunity to ask a question relevant to their situation and receive feedback from Wendy and other participants.

Between sessions there is also the opportunity to get input through the private facebook group.

Minimum of 3 to maximum of 10 participants.

Week 1 : Your starting point – The Music School Success Ladder and the 8 Business Divisions, understanding the journey of growing a Music School and what skills are need for a Professional Music school business .
Week 2 : Preparation – Audit your Finances, Time, Resources, Mindset etc in readiness.
Week 3 : Dream – Delve deeply into what drives you to want to build a music school and want you want to achieve.
Week 4 : Design – Look at the possibilities and all the key areas of a music school and make choices about how and what you really want to do.
Week 5 : Build – Discover and Build systems to set up all section of your business so they work for you.
Week 6 : Live – Launch your New look Music School and try it on for size.
Week 7 : Share – Take your Music School out into the community and become the expert in your area.
Week 8 : Expand – Learn about employing people, choosing locations or premises and other steps to moving up the ladder.


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