ONLINE Music Lessons

We offer lessons for many instruments online in the convenience of your home. Save time, energy and money by learning at home. It’s like having an expert in the room with you!

Starting a lesson is as simple as clicking one link.

No special equipment is needed. You can use a mobile phone, an ipad or desktop to connect with your teacher. Using a phone as a camera and an ipad for use within the lesson is however an easy and helpful set up.

Teachers can have multiple cameras to enable them to show you exactly how or what to play, whilst also being able to share music, games and activities from their devices to your camera.

Wendy’s Music specialises in helping people of all ages get started making music with a unique and proven “Learn to Play or Sing” program available for most instruments that lasts for several years. This curriculum is included in the lesson fees for IN person and Online students.

For beginners or people who have learnt to play or sing already and want to improve or expand their skills, we suggest booking a one off TRIAL lesson where your chosen teacher can assess your skills and discuss your goals. An individualised program can then be set up for your enjoyment and  development.

Exams and some performance opportunities are offered to those who are interested.


  1. Save travel time, energy and money.
  2. Have access to a wider choice of teachers.
  3. Record lessons to help with learning afterwards.
  4. Other family members can attend lessons for student support.
  5. Always play on your own instrument.
  6. A COVID & Health safe solution.


Individual Lesson Fees
30mins $38.50
45mins $57.75
60mins $77.00

Master Teacher Lesson Fees
30 mins $45.00
45mins $67.50
60mins $90.00


Teacher or Master Teacher ( over 10 years exp).

30, 45 or 60 minute sessions usually weekly but can be fortnightly or casual.

Lesson numbers
Individual, ie one student per teacher.