Music teachers spend years honing their musical skill and often start teaching with no knowledge of how to run a business.

Teaching music can be run like a “hobby” with the expectation that you’ll only teach a small number of people and only generate a small amount of income. Teaching music can also be run as a Profession with the expectation that you will teach full time and earn a reliable income.

To be a professional music teacher however means learning how to run a business. You need to find students, (marketing), manage money coming in and out (finance) and be great at scheduling and communication (operations/admin). There’s also purchasing of resources (merchandise), managing staff or contractors ( HR), technology ( IT) and lesson content and curriculums (IP).

Wendy has over 40 years experience in founding and managing multiple Music Schools in a variety of formats. Wendy’s Music has operated school programs, retail music studios , lessons in homes and franchising. Wendy is now happy to share her knowledge through an ever growing list of self paced music teacher training courses. Wendy is also still offering private coaching sessions to teachers who want their own specific questions answered or to develop strategies to move forward.


Wendy’s Music Teacher Training courses are Self paced Courses where you work independently through the provided resources. Learn at your own pace and choose the topics or areas you are interested in or need to learn.

After purchasing a course, login to your course account through the “My Courses” link at the top of our website. Courses can be viewed on a desktop or mobile device.

Should you require individualised help, book a free 15 minute chat or a private coaching session with Wendy. Coaching sessions range from 30  to 60 minutes and as as individual sessions or a package.

In addition Wendy can assist you with quick questions if you connect via Wendy’s Music Teacher Success facebook group. Just make sure you answer the questions at joining so you are let in!