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Teach Music with the tools, guidance and resources of an established Music School!

Welcome to Wendy’s Music School!

Are you an independent music teacher looking to fill your music lessons timetable?

Do you need more than just a Directory?

Our Membership service will not only provide you with a Directory listing, but so much more!

Start by paying the current SPECIAL price of only $1 set up fee and nothing more until your first booking is made and you get use of the powerful booking & payment system, then pay only $9.95 per month.

You manage your own schedule, we take the hassle out of collecting lesson fees, and you get paid at the end of each month a minimum of $45 per hour taught. 

After having been a music teacher for over 40 years, I wanted to be able to offer you all the things I possibly could to help guarantee your success.

I know from personal experience that there is so much more to being an independent music teacher than just the lessons. Regardless whether you are just starting your journey as a teacher, or whether you have years of experience, the marketing, administration and financial management can still take hours of time and effort that could be better spent.

Perhaps you’ve tried working at someone else’s Music school but found that they expect you to fit into THEIR way of teaching, you were still doing admin and the income is not what you deserve.

Now is the time to build your own teaching business with minimal financial outlay and expert assistance.

This is NOT your normal recruitment site, or Music School, it’s like a Music Teacher Directory on Steroids!

I’ve been on both sides of the employment fence – employee, contractor,solo teacher, business owner, franchisor and more, and I know how hard it can be to find and manage students, whilst earning a decent hourly fee.

So I decided to do things DIFFERENTLY…..

I’ve yet to find anything like I’m about to offer you.

  • No employment contracts,
  • No invoicing for payment,
  • Freedom to teach how and what you want
  • Efficient and automated administration
  • Teaching materials at your fingertips

No matter how much or little teaching experience you have, there are some tools and resources you need to keep things running smoothly,make you appear professional and attract new students.

I’ve built a membership package for you that costs only a few cents a day but delivers hundreds of dollars value!

BUT – As I’m always concerned with providing quality, only a select few teachers will be given access to become a part of my team.

Why become a Member?

Wendy’s Music School will provide you with everything you need to be an efficient Private Music Teacher. This includes a webpage to attract students and which you can use to promote yourself, and a complete and automated booking & payment system, with payments managed for you – no more chasing money!
Also included, a comprehensive yet flexible teaching Program, Teacher Training and the support and mentoring of a teacher with over 40 years experience!

Not only will you have to spend less time finding students and managing lessons than ever before, giving more time to teach, but you will also have the opportunity to use Wendy’s “Learn to Play or Sing” teaching Program and all its materials to whatever extent you wish to use it. There are literally thousands of items in this program from Learning Topics, Technique exercises, Theory pages, mp3 backing trax to videos, flashcards and so much more!
If you have no teaching experience then you will LOVE having a ready built teaching program to start you off! Used by hundreds of Wendy’s teachers, it is proven to make learning the basics easy for students AND teachers!

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Wendy Brentnall-Wood

Author of “Music Teaching Made Profitable”
and the “Learn to Play or Sing Program”

What's included?

Let me show you EVERYTHING you’ll receive when you join Wendy’s Music School as a Teacher Member today.


1. Webpage

Setting up a website takes a lot of time, energy and money. Once you’ve done it, you’ve then got to spend more time, energy and money getting people to find the website. Same can be said for Social media and other forms of marketing.

Instead, I will give you a dedicated Web page on our Music School website that will receive traffic immediately. Our SEO Specialists are constantly updating details to meet google requirements so you don’t have to worry about time or cost!

2. Social Media exposure

Our Music school also has significant Social Media exposure and as one of our teachers, we will make sure you get featured. This means you are not on your own trying to find students, although we don’t suggest you sit back and do nothing either!

3. Make use of our Valued Reputation

As part of our team of teachers, you can take advantage of our longstanding reputation for quality lessons, great value, prompt and reliable customer service and genuine care for our students learning outcomes,

and lots more “behind the scenes” marketing too!

Admin (done for you.)

1. Booking system

New students can book a Trial lesson (students pay and you get paid, not free! so fewer time wasters) with you right from your web page! New students can enrol online. You just manage your availability and the system will do the rest for you!

Automated notifications
Tired of having to remember who to update? With our program, it’s all automated. Lesson reminders, updates of changes and much more!

3. Online Lesson rescheduling function

Stop wasting time discussing when you can do makeup lessons and let students reschedule directly into your schedule!

4. Online automated payment service

Lesson Payments automatically processed. PLUS you receive around $45 per hour for your teaching paid directly into your Bank each month!

Teaching Materials (provided for you)

1. Teaching Program and Materials

A complete Comprehensive Teaching Program and Materials available for you to use. Includes the ability to add and upload and use your own teaching material repeatedly, a complete online lesson management system and opportunities for student performances.

Our materials include resources for preschoolers, beginners and more advanced students across multiple instruments. You’ll also find Tunes to Learn new concepts, Technique exercises, Videos, Theory pages, backing tracks, flashcards, improvisation tools and much more!

2. Flexible Teaching

If you have the experience and your own teaching materials then you can use them within this system! Use my program, yours or a mixture of both!

3. Performance Opportunities

We encourage all students to perform in a supported environment asap so those performance nerves don’t take hold. We provide a number of opportunities throughout the year for students to perform. Check our Annual Dates page!

Teacher Training


1. Basic Teacher training opportunities
For those who lack experience, you will have access to my Teacher Training “Startup Course”. Learn all the tips to help you get set up well when you start!

In addition, there is training available for those wanting to make maximum use of my “Learn to Play or Sing” program.

2. Advanced Teacher Training

Additional Training Courses for those interested in teaching additional markets and expand the number of students they can reach. Some examples:

  • Teaching Preschool students.
  • Preparing students for Exams
  • Teaching online via Zoom, /Skype etc

Mentoring & Support

1.Payment Management

Our system means you no longer have to worry about collecting money for lessons. Your responsibility is managing your online schedule whilst we manage the payments for you! Your lesson fees are transferred directly to your bank at the end of each month.

2. Mentoring
Have a student who has you scratching your head, not knowing what to do? Jump online and have a conversation with me. My 40 years of experience on multiple instruments, in classroom, instrumental and ensemble situations is likely to help!

3. Admin Support
Don’t feel left in the dark about the technology, procedures or systems. Easy to access Video Tutorials and Help Articles always available or private and secure email support when you need it.

4. Access our Private Facebook Group
Here you’ll have a group of other professional teachers just like you who can help support, motivate, and encourage you.

Sign Up for a Monthly Membership

NEW membership level available now for 2021 !

Start by only paying $1 setup fee and nothing until your first student books a lesson. You get use of the powerful system including booking & payments, and then pay only $9.95 per month.

You manage your own schedule, we take the hassle out of collecting lesson fees, and you get paid at the end of each month a minimum of $45 per hour taught. 



Apply to Join the team today for $1 set up and pay only $9.95 per month when you get your first student.*

*Registration means you are agreeing to and abiding  by our Terms and Conditions. Download T & C’s below.

Membership Value

As you can see by now, joining Wendy’s Music School’s team of teachers is like having me as your personal “Success Coach” while also having access to all my tools and resources to help you succeed as a Music teacher faster!

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars creating this membership site and the resources, so you for a few cents a day, you’re getting huge value at a bargain price!


  • Premium Website Teacher Profile $ 10 pm
  • Student Recruitment $ 50 pm
  • Social Media Exposure $ 10 pm


  • Automated reminder emails & SMS program $ 20 pm
  • An automated online calendar booking system $ 14 pm
  • An online payment service for lessons $ 39pm
  • Secure online chat system between student & teacher $ 20 pm


  • Comprehensive Teaching Resources (per instrument) $ 500
  • Organised Student Performance Opportunities $ 10 pm
  • Teaching Materials Management System $ 39 pm
  • An online Lesson Management system $ 49 pm


  • Teacher Mentoring Support $ 100 pm
  • Private Facebook Group $ 50 pm
  • Management Support for the systems $ 50 pm

VALUE PER MONTH  $961  –  THAT is $ 11,532 per year!


PLUS… You also get access to Wendy’s Teacher Training Programs!



  • Startup teacher training $ 500
  • Learn to Play or Sing Program training $ 500
  • Preschool teacher training $ 500

That gives you a minimum value in your first year of $13,032!

If you're ready to take then next step, then register today!

My Name is Christine, I have now worked for Wendy for a period of Two Years.

If you are considering becoming a teacher with Wendy’s Music School I would highly recommend that you do so.

I use Wendy's teaching program which is very thorough and easy to follow and teach, it caters for all ages and all levels of piano playing, and it gives the student a very good musical grounding. It also means Lessons are easy to plan as they are set out in her program.

The students and I aren’t tied to this program only though, we are able to combine playing songs from other music books and activities as well as Wendy’s program.
Wendy is very supportive and helpful, I will be teaching for her as long as possible.

Christine Lees

Piano and Keyboard Teacher

``Wendy’s Music School provides a positive and encouraging environment for students to learn a variety of instruments and teachers to teach. The philosophy of “Making music enjoyable to learn” is one that really resonates, as music is something that many people pick up for fun. As a member of the teaching team at Wendy’s, I found the training to use the resources and for general teaching tips to be invaluable. Having an experienced mentor I could contact at any time with the smallest questions was something I never expected to find with such a service and without extra cost. The management support that provided a complete package of booking & scheduling software, fee collection and payments meant I could spend more of my time on my teaching and not worry about admin other than managing my own schedule. An additional benefit was being able to use Wendy’s Methods Books which provide clear and easy to follow examples, backing trax and exercises where each student is able to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them, and their musical development is further expanded upon through exercises in improvisation, and performance music of their choice. It works really well to use my own resources alongside Wendy’s Program. Wendy’s Music School has a well rounded curriculum for anyone who wants to learn to sing or play, and focuses on giving each student and each teacher the support and attention required to achieve their best.``

Anastasia Abeywardana

Saxophone Teacher