What is a Music Mission Teacher?

What is a Music Mission Teacher?

Making Music used to be a part of everyday life with Singalongs around the family piano, family and friends jam sessions, informal living room concerts, singing around the campfire during holidays, and buskers at your local shops. Nowadays technology has changed the way people connect and not always in a good way. There are a lot of people “disconnected” and in desperate need of the emotional support that only connecting directly with other humans can give.




This is where MUSIC MISSION TEACHERS become important.


The Benefits of Music have been widely researched, scientifically proven and incredibly varied.


Music is:

  • an expression of our humanity
  • a constant and reliable companion
  • allows us to express deep and real emotions
  • assists in relaxation – helps us sleep
  • helps heal our heart
  • makes our spirit soar / elevates our spirit
  • reduces depression and anxiety
  • elevates and energises
  • promotes creativity
  • makes us feel free
  • brings people together
  • builds an inclusive community
  • develops our sense of belonging to a team or family
  • has the power to change lives
  • strengthens learning
  • stimulates every part of the brain
  • improves academic performance
  • keeps the brain healthy
  • brings memories to life
  • strengthens mental recall
  • helps develop visual and verbal skills
  • reduces pain,
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • improves fine and gross motor skills

Who are MUSIC MISSION Teachers?

MUSIC MISSION Teachers are teachers who understand that learning music is more than just attending weekly lessons.
MUSIC MISSION Teachers are teachers who inspire their students to continue making music for themselves and others.
MUSIC MISSION Teachers are teachers who become known in their area for impacting positively on the lives of their students and their community,
MUSIC MISSION Teachers are fully independent business owners.


What would it feel like being a MUSIC MISSION Teacher?

A MUSIC MISSION Teacher feels fulfilled and confident knowing they are making a positive impact on people around them.

Every single individual was created to live, lead and leave a life changing legacy, to know that their time on earth was about something, and you have musical skill and passion for a reason.
Running a Music School can be hard though can’t it?

Together we can change things around, achieve your goals AND spread more music.

Learn more about the Masterclass and becoming a MUSIC MISSION TEACHER here.


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