Reopening your music studio since COVID lockdown.

All over the world COVID19 has Music Teachers in schools, homes and studios being forced to close their teaching space and move lessons online for health reasons.

In some parts of the world, lockdown is over or nearly over and some music lessons are returning to “face to face” delivery.

I’ve been asked by numerous teachers how they should manage their return to studio teaching in their homes and studios to best manage their own health and safety AND to avoid other potential problems.

This post is for you if you are concerned about how to look after yourself, your family, your students, their families and any teachers or staff you have.

MTNA has produced an extremely well thought out list that gives 10 well thought out points to consider. Here is a shortened version.

  1. Send a Pre-Opening – Welcome Back Letter. This needs to make it clear what the expectations are and that they are mandatory. List opening date and all sanitisation procedures etc.
  2.  Scheduling – Make sure there is a gap between students to reduce the number of persons in the studio at any one time.
  3. Waiting Room.- either remove this option and have students wait in their cars or remove as many items such as magazines etc as possible.
  4. Screening List – Make it clear that students with any illness or symptoms must not attend lessons.
  5. Limit on Items – Limit books & items brought to lessons as far as possible.
  6. Hand Sanitizer – Sanitize needs to be mandatory and available at the door.
  7. Temperature – consider taking temperatures prior to entry
  8. Payment – consider touch less payment wherever possible
  9. Masks – Mandatory or as required
  10. Sanitation – Establish (and consider documenting ) a set schedule to sanitize all areas and items in the teaching area.

My personal advice to all music teachers is that firstly you must look after yourself, your health and you must be comfortable with resuming teaching face to face in this way. Secondly be vigilent in maintaining standards so that all families maintain the same and necessary procedures and also maintaining your own sanitising procedures so you can be confident in keeping safe.

Good luck and keep safe!