Products That You Can Upsell as A Music Teacher

In your Music School, studio or business,  you can actually upsell like they do in the wrold famous hamburger franchises McDonald’s.

What is an “Upsell”? Its when you ask /provide current customers with an additional product or service for an extra fee.

In this way you can earn additional income and your students will even find it more convenient to have a sort of “one stop shop” for all their music learning needs. Below we will list to you products that you can upsell as a music teacher.

 Products That You Can Upsell as A Music Teacher


Products That You Can Upsell as A Music Teacher

  1. Music Books by Instrument
    • This is the most basic supply that any music student has to have so you probably want to start selling this one first.
  2. Violin & Guitar Strings
    • This is also one of the supplies that most frequently has to be replaced especially when the strings get broken.
  3. Saxophone & Clarinet Reeds
    • Reed mouthpieces are also small items that you can sell if you are teaching woodwind instruments.
  4. Preschool Books
    • If you are also teaching the young ones, it’s nice to have one or more of these.
  5. Finger Puppets
    • Like preschool books, finger puppets help you teach nursery or kindergarten music in the form of play.
  6. Digital Books & Audio
    • These days, although cds and dvds are still available, a more convenient way of getting audio and pdf files are through instant downloads. So, this is one option you can also choose to sell.
  7. Musical Instruments
    • Musical instruments normally cost more than the the products above, but one way you can sell these without having to stock up inventory is to be an agent or sub-agent of a store which sells these. What will happen is you get a commission for each sell of item.
  8. Music Equipment
    • These includes headphones, adaptors, stands, tuners, etc.

You can start by buying little by little the product of your choice for your inventory or you can buy bulk for bigger discounts right away if you have the budget. Actually you can start your shop without having to shell out capital through drop shipping. Drop shipping allows you to ship directly from manufacturer to your customers without having to go through distributors or having inventory for yourself. Try Aliexpress or other portals of your choice.

You may want to just verbally mention to your students like “hey if you need more strings I have one here for just x dollars,” or you can give them a list of your products through the form of a handout, flyer, or brochure.

If you have a website, then having an online shop connected to a trusted payment gateway makes it simple for everyone!

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