7 Top Tips to Retaining Your Music Students

Apparently it costs anywhere from 5 to 25 times MORE to get a new customer than it does to keeping a current customer.


This applies to any business including Teaching Music.


Can you imagine if every student you ever taught, kept learning for …… 10 years???


Or if they all stayed for 5 years?


The most common question I get asked as a Music Teacher Coach, is “How do I get more Students?” when perhaps the more important question should be…


“How do I keep my current students coming back for years?”


Of course as always there will be exceptions – when you are first starting out as a Teacher, you have to build a student list.


Of course expecting EVERY student to stay for 5 or 10 years is not realistic as in our modern world there are way too many “other” activities being offered to people to learn, way too many other distractions, lots of opportunities for people to change their locations and move around the nation or the world, change jobs etc etc. Add to that the fact that students don’t all WANT to take years to learn to play or sing anyway!



So If it costs even 5 times more in time and money and energy for you to find a NEW student, then I strongly suggest you take the time, money and energy to invigorate your current student list to want to stay with you!


The bonus should be that if they are happy, they will also refer their friends and family! Those referrals ( known as word of mouth referrals ) are the best as they don’t cost anything and those people already come trusting that you do a great job!


So Take a look at the video where I quickly give you the run down on what I call my 7 TOP TIPs to help you keep your current students coming back year after year.


These are not a quick fix, they will take thought and planning to execute, but start with one idea at a time and build from there.


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