Musician to Music Teachers Webinar

In the Musician to Music Teachers Webinar, which is a free webinar, Wendy is helping anyone starting out as a Studio Music Teacher learn:

  1. Why they might want to be a teacher
  2. Who can become a teacher
  3. What choices you should make before starting to set up as a teacher
  4. How to be successful
  5. Lessons you can offer
  6. Different stages of being a Studio Music Teacher
  7. What resources and planning is needed
  8. What help you can get
  9. and more…

Being a great musician doesn’t mean you will automatically be a great teacher. Teaching is a skill you need to learn and develop. A sought after teacher has put a lot of effort and time into developing their teaching skills and operates as a professional.

Music School Success Ladder

There are 9 levels of growth a music teaching business or music school has which is divided into 3 categories:

  • Foundation Level – teaching by yourself
  • Enterprise Level – teachers working for you
  • Alchemy Level – where the Magic Happens!

The purpose of the MSS Ladder is to:

  1. Clarify where you are on the journey of teaching music
  2. Become clear on the possibilities for growth i.e. “the rungs of the ladder”
  3. Clarify the steps to improve, expand, generate more income or in other words become more successful by moving up the ladder

If you feel the need for assistance particularly in this subject matter, let me personally mentor you in my coaching sessions so that you avoid the trial and error cycle that usually occurs in startup music teaching businesses or if you do feel you want to grow your business at a higher success rate.

Start by booking a session with Wendy to discuss your specific goals and needs.

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