Music School Mistakes- A learning opportunity

I am really really excited to share after a long wait this episode 6 of the Australian Government’s new podcast series called “Bouncing Back”.
I was privileged to be featured as a Music Education Disrupter!!!!
With 40 years running Wendy’s Music and using a variety of business models I admit to making many mistakes along the way.
Mistakes although stressful are opportunities to learn, grow and make changes if you can embrace them.
Have a listen!
Episode 6 – Next
How do you plan for the future and manage the difficulties of working in a changing economic landscape? This episode discusses the next steps for running your business, whether it is making product developments to reflect change in consumer demand, utilising new technology, or preparing the business for sale or franchise. We explore the prevalence of digital disruption, and the need to be proactive rather than reactive in order to stay ahead of competition.
Host: Leanne Berry
Thanks to:
  • Wendy Brentnall-Wood, founder of Wendy’s Music
  • Alan Rodway, business coach
  • Ebru Sak, founder of Saks Salons
  • John Di Natale, business coach and wealth creation adviser, and Director of Equi Wealth
Bouncing Back is produced by SoundCartel.
Bouncing Back is an initiative of the Australian Government.