MSSTV Episode 13 Intellectual Property for Music Schools

In this episode 13 of Music School Success TV, Wendy explains the basics of what is considered Intellectual Property for Music Schools or Music Teaching Business and how to protect it. Watch the video here!

MSSTV Episode 13 Intellectual Property for Music Schools

If you are familiar with the registered trademark symbols on famous brands, that falls under intellectual property rights. See the other categories of IP for music schools below:

Intellectual Property Categories for Music Schools:

  1. Curriculum or Syllabi Content
    • Curriculum or syllabi content must be something that you’ve written yourself.
  2. Teaching Programs
    • For teaching programs you made with original content, that will qualify for IP.
  3. Music & Audio
    • This is music you write or arrange for your curriculum and/or backing trax.
  4. Logos and Names
    • This includes program logos, program names, business logos, and business names.

What are the tasks involved in IP?

  1. Creating the IP
    • Ultimately IP is about creating something totally unique and new that you will use for your music school.
  2. Registering and protecting the IP
    • IP can be registered through patents (usually for inventions), trademarks (usually a symbol of “tm” after a name or logo),  copyright (for unique sheet or audio music, documents, etc.), or business name registration (to protect anyone from using it.)
    • This task is usually done by the legal department of a business but something that you can also do.

You might wonder if these additional tasks are necessary to be done right away. Even when you are still a small business owner, start now, be aware, and be prepared to grow!


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