How Alla created her dream Music School in 12 months!

How Alla created her dream Music School in 12 months!

Alla Guberman created “Alla’s Music” in East Bentleigh, Melbourne in February 2012.
She started by teaching from home by herself, then she was joined in her school by a violin and guitar teacher who also taught from her home, but only for a VERY short time.


In April 2012 All moved the 50 students they had into her first retail premises with 3 rooms and then 4 months later in August 2012 built another 4 rooms in that premises to allow the school to grow to 120 students by end of year!


For more in depth details about Alda’s journey and advice, watch the video here.

What was the driving force behind this expansion?


Alla wanted a lifestyle that worked for her as a music teacher AND a mother.


How did she get started employing teachers?


Alla worked out a simple way of building a database of teachers to call on when student numbers grew.


Her advice when employing teachers?


It is mostly about finding a musician with good communication skills.


What is important when choosing a Retail Premises?


Visibility and a reasonable rent.


In this session Alla also describes the key people who assist her in running her business – it is not possible for her to do it all, or know it all!




Alda’s Top Advice?

1. Get advice from your accountant,
2. Make your website organised,
3. Be flexible with lesson policies.


Alla’s journey is one of determination to build a Music School that will give her a lifestyle that will suit her family and give her satisfaction by being in an industry she loves and the independence she de-sired.


All effectively moved from being at the “One Person Show” level of the Music School Success Ladder, to now being the Director level. She is to be congratulated for her focus!



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