Career Choice and Musical Impact – How do you decide?

Career Choice and Musical Impact - How do you decide?

Nicole Ng is in her final year at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music of her Bachelor degree with a view to doing Honours and then Masters as post grad studies and has been through some uncertainty deciding on which career path will suit her best and fulfill her musical goals.


Piano has always her main instrument but has also played some guitar and drums.


She started learning Piano as many of us do at around 8 years of age – learning at school in shared and group classes of Piano & Keyboard but later moving to individual lessons after school. Nicole was fortunate enough to be surrounded by family members who also make music which made it an encouraging and inspiring environment to continue.


AMEB Exams were a bit of a challenge for Nicole- she was a little reluctant to do them at first as she was having a lot of fun and she found that they meant a lot more work and focus on exam repertoire with a stressful exam performance day to complete it! Perhaps it seemed harder to do exams starting in high school at an intermediate level rather than in the lower levels at a younger age. Nicole however confirms though that there was great value in achieving her AMEB exams and it has been invaluable in preparation for her tertiary studies.

Having had work experience in a primary school, teaching swimming and Piano, Nicole feels drawn to teaching, but she has also experienced the fulfilment and joy of sharing music in performance, as part of an ensemble AND as music therapy in hospitals.


Typical of many university students, Nicole found herself unsure of what direction she should take in her career as she nears the end of her Bachelor degree- should she study Music Therapy? or should she study Teaching? if so which sort of Teaching? Instrumental?Classroom?


In this interview Nicole discusses her strategies for working through this dilemma, one that can apply to anyone at any time in their career.


Nicole’s offers two important questions as her top advice is to help anyone trying to decide on their career journey.

Watch the video to find out the questions!


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