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Have you ever wondered what it takes to start a whole new venture ….such as a Music Exam Institution?


What would make you consider doing something as massive as that?


June McLean has long been congratulated on her amazing effort with her sister and others, forming and growing what is now an international Music Exam Institution.


This 45 minute interview with the 87 year old music legend June McLean gives you a small look at how she developed her musical and business skills which ultimately developed into the founding of the exam institution we know as ANZCA = Australian & New Zealand Cultural Arts


June tells how she became known in her community and did a lot of voluntary work in local schools and kinders, which led to building her home teaching studio.


June is known for her Theory expertise in addition to being a highly accomplished pianist and has written many Piano compositions for the ANZCA syllabus in addition to ANZCA Theory books.

In this interview she explains how she started as a dancer, went to business school worked in “costings” at a local school manufacturer and much more. June was an examiner with the Australian Guild of Music prior and tells of a scandal that occurred and partially prompted the creation of ANZCA in 1982.


Creating a “Modern” syllabus was another purpose for developing ANZCA as an alternative to the AMEB exams in Australia.


ANZCA currently offers a variety of Instrumental Music Exams in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Started in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 as an alternative to AMEB.


Thanks to June for sharing her wonderful journey and recorded in her own music room!


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