12 Teaching Tips from Tracey – School & Studio Piano Teacher.

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12 Teaching Tips from Tracey - School & Studio Piano Teacher.

Starting out as a teacher involves more than just knowing your subject. So starting out as an instrumental music teacher means more than just being good at playing your instrument!


Teaching Music as we know can be done in a variety of formats,

  • Your Home Studio
  • In students homes
  • In a retail Music School
  • As a School employee
  • As a school contractor /itinerant and so on.


Today’s interview is with Tracey Edgar, a Melbourne based Piano teacher who has a varied background of teaching starting from a VERY young age!


Tracey has built a teaching studio where she does a mixture of teaching from her home studio AND also teaching at a private school several days a week as well. Tracey describes her teaching method as traditional but also comprehensive as she teaches reading alongside creativity.


As a home studio teacher, Tracey does all the admin, accounts, choice of music, timetabling herself and everything else whereas at school they organise her student list handles the money and provide the studio, resources and the students. Two quite different systems to work in.


Tracey grew up in a country town and actually started teaching at around age 15 years old to help her own teacher out and that built for a few years until she changed schools. Eventually Tracey studied several subjects at university including an education degree but when she was posted to teach as a Music teacher she didn’t enjoy it, so she went back to study and did her Phd and did some travel. Along the way Tracey has done a variety of school and music teaching, but eventually discovered that she didn’t like to be restricted to follow someone else’s syllabus.


Watch the video ( only 20 minutes!) for more details!

When asked about  her advice for new teachers, Tracey came up with this list:


TRACEY’s 12 Tips!


  1. You’ve got love it!
  2. You can teach from home or somewhere else,
  3. It’s worth teaching for another company,
  4. Be prepared to learn from every lesson,
  5. Develop your policies as you go,
  6. You should put up your prices every year,
  7. As a beginner teacher you can charge less,
  8. Flexibility is important,
  9. Use a timer!
  10. Attend free seminars and network.
  11. Build your own set of resources.
  12. Use a Globe of the world.


Tracey derives enjoyment from and success as:


  1. Students being able to achieve something,
  2. Students loving the lessons,
  3. Using intuition to adapt to students needs,


Thanks to Tracey for sharing her time and advice!


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