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is all about!

“Everyone has struggles to overcome, nobody has the perfect life, but there is no reason anyone should be without the benefit of MUSIC in their life.

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Making Music used to be a part of everyday life with Singalongs around the family piano,  family and friends  jam sessions, informal living room concerts, singing around the campfire during holidays, and buskers at your local shops.

Nowadays technology has changed the way people connect and not always in a good way. There are a lot of people “disconnected” and in desperate need of the emotional support that only connecting directly with other humans can give.

Music is an international language that can connect people in ways that even words cannot. It touches the heart and soul.

Music is something that people of all ages, nationalities, genders, beliefs and abilities can engage in together.


The average person doesn’t know how to get started making music, or they find it hard, frustrating or lonely.

This is where MUSIC MISSION TEACHERS become important.


MUSIC MISSION Teachers are teachers who understand that learning music is more than just attending weekly lessons.

MUSIC MISSION Teachers are teachers who inspire their students to continue making music for themselves and others.

MUSIC MISSION Teachers are teachers who become known in their area for impacting positively on the lives of their students and their community,

MUSIC MISSION Teachers are those who are taking Music from out of students homes, out of their teaching rooms and studios and getting music into local communities:

MUSIC MISSION Teachers and their students SHARE their music in

  • Aged Care Centres,
  • Hospitals & Institutions,
  • Markets & Festivals.
  • Remote Communities,
  • Schools and Kindergartens,
  • Prisons & Detention Centres.


If you are reading this, I expect you already know the benefits that music can bring. The Benefits of Music have been widely researched, scientifically proven and incredibly varied.

Benefits such as:


  • an expression of our humanity
  • a constant and reliable companion
  • allows us to express deep and real emotions
  • assists in relaxation – helps us sleep
helps heal our heart
  • makes our spirit soar / elevates our spirit
  • reduces depression and anxiety
  • elevates and energises
  • promotes creativity
  • makes us feel free
  • brings people together
  • builds an inclusive community
  • develops our sense of belonging to a team or family
  • has the power to change lives
  • strengthens learning
  • stimulates every part of the brain
  • improves academic performance
  • keeps the brain healthy
  • brings memories to life
  • strengthens mental recall
helps develop visual and verbal skills
  • reduces pain,
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • improves fine and gross motor skills

                                just to name a few!

What would it feel like being a MUSIC MISSION TEACHER ?

A MUSIC MISSION Teacher feels fulfilled and confident knowing they ar making a positive impact on people around them.

How much happier, joyful and vibrant would you and your family be, be if you were able to fulfill your passion for Sharing Music without stress?
How many people would benefit from the musical skill you can share?
That is the life that I am committed to making happen for you when you join our network.

Music has the power to transform lives.
You have a unique musical skill and a unique musical dream. You just need the chance to get it out into the world in a way that is sustainable for you and everyone you share it with.

Every single individual was created to live, lead and leave a life changing legacy, to know that their time on earth was about something, and you have musical skill and passion for a reason.

It all starts with a decision, a decision that you are no longer going to accept mediocre in your life, but are going to do whatever it takes to pursue the greatness that lies within you.

Join me and learn how to become a MUSIC MISSION Teacher in your area.



The key to Creating a Profitable Music School is knowing where you are going and how you will get there. The second key is to surround yourself with a community of people who are honest, open, supportive and who are already doing it.

Being a successful Music Teacher is hard though isn't it?

So many of us have spent years, even decades learning to be a brilliant and professional musician, but almost no-one has the opportunity or realises the need to learn how to run a business, let alone a specialised Music Studio or Music School! Is it any wonder then that the administration of registrations, insurance, business structures, tax, payroll, recruitment, intellectual property and such are like a foreign language to many Music teachers?

If you have asked yourself the question, IS THERE AN EASIER WAY ? then one of the following will resonate with you.

You know that you could be spending your time more efficiently and getting better results in managing your studio.
You feel lost, frustrated and concerned because you don’t understand all your legal obligations.
Every single day you feel as though it’s groundhog day, running the same routines over and over again to get the same unhappy result.

You feel your studio and teaching is going to be stuck at the same point forever and don’t know how to fix it or make changes.

You know that you have unique and valuable musical skills to share.
You want to share your gifts with others who you know are out there!

You don’t have to be an expert in everything to run a Professional Music Studio or School.

Your skills may be advanced Musical skills and that’s FANTASTIC!
For you to live the life of your dreams, achieve the income you deserve, enjoy the lifestyle you have imagined for years you need help to set up or revamp your Music Teaching to operate as a Professional Business Operation and not just run like an amateur hobby business.

To do this alone is not easy – it’s confusing, it’s challenging and it requires large amounts of time, energy and resources.There are a whole bunch of other people who have the same issues, and need the same help that you do. That’s why I’m now sharing my experience running numerous music schools and music businesses with you.

Together we can change things around, achieve your goals AND spread more music.

Are you a MUSIC MISSION Teacher?


I’m looking to help 50 Musicians become the first AUSTRALIAN Music Schools with COMMUNITY at their centre.


A network of teachers who work collaboratively, supporting one another and supported by me as we build your Music School and grow it to become Profitable, Inspiring and part of your community.

I am looking for ACTION TAKERS.

I am looking for people with COMMITTMENT.

I am looking for people hungry to LEARN and DEVELOP themselves and their business to fulfill their dreams.

I am looking for people who want to MAKE AN IMPACT!


It’s time, isn’t it?


You can start this moment, right now, by learning how to SHARE your music to the world but also how to make your MUSIC TEACHING PROFITABLE.


Let’s do this.



Maximum of 10 people per group,

60 minute Online Meeting each week,


  1. Each week learn from Wendy as she provides training in one of the Steps of Growing a Music School.
  2. Each week you will have the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your current situation and receive help direct from Wendy.
  3. Each week you will learn from hearing about the journeys and questions raised by others in the group.
  4. Each week you will enjoy the support, encouragement, and accountability of like minded people.
  5. Access to a Private Facebook Group.
  6. Implement each week what you learn and achieve your goals.









But who am I to help you?

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I am no different to you in that I’ve had tough times, times when I’ve questioned what I was doing, times when I’ve been working seven days a week and still felt like I was getting nowhere. I’ve struggled to start a business from scratch, to learn where to find information, help and tools.
You see, let me be vulnerable here: I’ve always suffered from anxiety but I went through a period of time of several years when I suffered ongoing traumatic family loss of parents and serious life threatening medical dramas with my children. The result ( easy to see in hindsight) was that I was diagnosed with depression from the almost overwhelming stresses and yet I still had to continue running my business.

The upshot was that while I was vulnerable, I was taken advantage of by some (not all) of my staff, plus I made some bad decisions that have had long term impact and my finances became a bit of a wreck.
Over a period of years, I became determined to learn natural ways to overcome depression and anxiety, through an improved health, exercise regime and daily meditation. At the same time I began the journey of rediscovering what was important to me, my life and my business.

I unlocked the keys, tools and resources to totally transform my life and I embarked on a mission to build a community of people who would be also benefit from the skills and tools I have learnt and developed along my journey.
Over the past few years I have begun sharing my knowledge of creating and building Music Schools and Studios with other Music Teachers and I have been able to help them avoid so many pitfalls through my own personal experience of the good, the bad and the ugly!

I started to notice the similarities we all face as Instrumental, private music teachers and decided to put together a system that shows the growth that a Music School can develop. This is combined with a heap of templates and other systems that have worked for me over and over again, are now available to be customised to your Music teaching and help you achieve the life that until now you could only dream of.

So now it’s your chance to take advantage of my experience as a multi instrumental teacher in homes, studios and schools who has built retail studios, primary school and preschool programs, franchised and written over 110 music method books, employed hundreds of teachers and much much more!
I look forward to helping you change your life and spread more of the benfits of music to our communities and make our world a better place.

The following beliefs drive most of my actions:

 For most people it`s time to stop complaining, hoping or just waiting, time to get real with themselves and open the door  to the opportunity of living the life that you were created to live.
 You were born with the most amazing skills within you that enable you to create the most incredible life and impact others.
Every single day you feel as though it’s groundhog day, running the same routines over and over again to get the same unhappy result.
 In order to live the life that you want you have to be brutally honest and take serious action, with the right tools and techniques to support the change.
 There is a different way for you to live more of a fulfilled life, you simply need to know the right tools and techniques for you.
Kickstarting your life change is not impossible, but our minds feed us a line that change is hard.
The change that we need most in our life, often comes from as a result of a deeper understanding of who we are, but most of us are afraid to go that deep.
 Being in a community of like minded people, who are honest, open, vulnerable and in committed to improvement along side you is essential.

If you share any of these values, you are most definitely in the right place. There are big things to come for your life and I would be honoured to support you.




Let`s do this!


See you inside. Wendy Brentnall-Wood