These policies apply for all IN PERSON music lessons and ONLINE music lessons.

All students/parents have an account on Wendy’s My Music Staff software. This enables parents/students to login at any time to view or change bookings. The system also offers other great features like a practise timer, access to lesson notes and learning resources.

Lessons are scheduled every week at the same day and time regardless of public holidays or school holidays however you have the flexibility to cancel or reschedule lessons as long as a minimum 24 hours notice is given.. Students who wish to cancel lessons on a public holiday or for school holidays simply login to our booking platform and request to reschedule or cancel.

Consistent WEEKLY lessons however provide the maximum motivation, achieve maximum progress and reduce the possibility of boredom or bad habits developing.

  • Students can “Reschedule” their lessons online if a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.
  • If an appropriate day and time cannot be found at the time of the reschedule Studentswill get a MAKEUP Credit.
  • There is no limit on lesson reschedules or cancellations.
  • Cancellation given with less than 24 hours notice will mean the lesson fee will still be charged as if a lesson was given.

Teacher unwell

If a teacher is unwell, they will contact students asap and the lesson will made up  or cancelled.

Students arriving late for lessons will not have their time extended as this adversely affects other students.


Payment of Tuition
Payments are made in advance WEEKLY by direct debit from a card via a secure Bank payment system. Debits are usually made at the start of the week when a booking is in place. Debits will not be taken in weeks where bookings are cancelled.

Books or equipment will usually be purchased separately from our online website.

Please note that tuition fees are non-refundable.

Failed Payments

In the event a direct debit payment fails, there will be a charge of $5 ( due to bank charges,admin time and risk factors). Lessons may also be cancelled if payment is not forthcoming in advance of the relevant lesson or additional Late fees applied.

Payment Reporting

All payments are done via a direct debit service, and through our booking platform you can always access a report of how much and when you have paid. Invoices and receipts are not issued.


Photo/Video Authority
Enrollment in all Wendy’s Music Programs the Student/Parent/Guardian automatically agrees to allow Wendy’s Music to take and use any photos or moving pictures through the course of classes or performances and to use those items for promotional purposes without laying claim to royalties or rights etc.

Student Performances
As part of our teaching methodology and syllabus, we are pleased to offer all students the exciting opportunity for performance when appropriate. Due to COVID performances may only be available online. We anticipate all students at every level will take part in performances on a regular basis to develop their musical skills.

Exam Opportunities

As part of our service we offer students ( when appropriate ) the opportunity to sit for Music Exams with the AMEB and ANZCA. Please consult your teacher for suitability.