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Live the life you were created to live.

My Vision is to help you and other Musicians and Music Teachers spread the benefits of Music to a million people by creating successful Music Schools.

6 Easy Steps to
Build your DREAM Music School
and Achieve your Dream Life.


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You have a musical gift.

You deserve to be able to share it AND enjoy your life in the way you dream of.

Now is the time to start. Wendy Brentnall

Life is often challenging.

We have dreams and aspirations to make "Music "our career, inspire others with music. We get older, we get an education or start work and we find that we are working hard to pay the bills, to keep "everything going" and we suddenlyfind we are living a treadmill existence, losing sight of our dreams and goals.

We realise that we are no longer in control of our own lives.

Is this really it?


Wendy is a long-time established music Director and Teacher who has run her business in the local community for many years. She is extremely well-known, highly competent and much loved and respected by her music students and their families.
Christina Lew (Parent )

Christina Lew

“I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wants help with growing their music business. Wendy has been working in the music teaching business for many years and is a wealth of knowledge on everything to do with running a music teaching business. She is never one to sit still and is always looking at ways to extend and improve. She is highly efficient, a great communicator, extremely reliable and has a great personality. She has now become my mentor and I feel very lucky to have her there to guide me along my musical journey”.
Cath Dowling

I have known Wendy for many years, first as a music teacher with her own school, and then as an examiner with Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited. Wendy has always been dedicated to her music, students and teachers. Students examination results are proof of her knowledge, teaching ability, and popularity as a teacher. May we be friends for many years to come. June McLean
Founder & Director of Management ANZCA

June McLean
Wendy contemplating her Violin

… And now it’s your turn.

I've had 40 years learning by trial and error, constantly educating myself and dedicating myself to hours and hours of work in order to learn how to consistently develop a successful and profitable Music School in schools, studios, homes and now online.

I had to overcome personal trauma, health issues,depression and the issues that life as a Business owner, CEO, Mother, Wife and Musician have thrown at me and now it’s your turn.

I discovered that life and time are precious.

That gaining clarity on what we truly want to do with our lives is one of the most important tasks we have. Having a Vision for your dream life is the start of making it happen.

I also discovered that living a happy, successful life despite setbacks and personal traumas is not only achievable but what I deserve.

Getting help from someone who has achieved it before you is the next step if you want this too.

My guess is that today is now or never for you too, right?

FREE - 6 Easy Steps to
Build your DREAM Music School
and achieve your dream lifestyle MASTERCLASS

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