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Music Teacher Marketing Course

Marketing means getting the word out so your potential students can find you. In today’s digital age, you can choose from a lot of paid or free marketing apps for your Music School to especially reach out to your millennial students.

You may have noticed, millennials spend a lot of their time in front of their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or anything else that would connect them to the internet. Now is the perfect time for you to utilize this relatively cheaper mode of marketing than traditional marketing like tv ads, flyers, and billboards.

Take a look at  a list of some of the marketing apps you can use for your music teaching business.

Marketing Apps for Your Music School

  1. Mailchimp
    • If you are looking for a free email marketing automation software, the kind that schedules out your regular newsletters to your subscribers, then Mailchimp is the way to go.
  2. Google AdWords
    • For advertising on Google, use this app to make your website searchable on the first page of Google searches. Look for the “Keyword Tool” so you can use the right keywords in writing your advertisement.
  3. Buffer
    • To make it easier for you to schedule social media posts across channels, try using Buffer. You can schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest there. All are free to post except for Pinterest.
  4. Social Pilot
    • Social Pilot is the same as Buffer, however it offers a free scheduling for Pinterest. It also includes posting on Tumblr, Vk, and Xing.
  5. YouTube
    • As a music teacher, it is essential for you to have a YouTube channel because we are in the industry of sound. Check out my YouTube channel which you can find inspiration on in building yours.
  6. Vimeo
    • This is also similar to YouTube where you can post your audio recordings or videos.
  7. Soundcloud
    • For you or your students’ original compositions, you can post on this app. Soundcloud hosts music and other audio.

There are many apps you can explore in the world wide web, but these are the essential and free ones you can start with.

If you feel the need for assistance particularly in this subject matter, let me personally mentor you in my coaching sessions so that you avoid the trial and error cycle that usually occurs in startup music teaching businesses or if you do feel you want to grow your business at a higher success rate.

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Wendy Brentnall-Wood

I am passionate about encouraging and inspiring people to begin to experience the heart filling joy of making music in a simple, easy and systematic way, enabling them to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.


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