James Manwaring

“So I think part of that is finding your own inspiration and working of what inspires you and sometimes music teachers are so good about remembering what they love…”

James Manwaring is the Director of Music for Windsor Learning Partnership. He is also a Choral Director for Glee Club UK and a Music Teachers Association Committee member.

In this podcast, James will discuss his experience and views on his career. From his start and how it drastically changed through the years.

James has been teaching for 17 years officially. However, he has also done a lot of things even before he started as a music teacher. He also writes a blog online sharing his ideas with music teachers manwaringmusic.blog. Being a director of a group of schools, he has seen a number of similar stresses going around all of those different schools and teachers. But mostly, he has seen how students really feel during this time of lockdown, different from what most people conclude.

Listen as he talks about his realizations & new found knowledge during this pandemic.