Instrument Caresheets – Brass instruments

Instrument Caresheets - Brass instruments

The following info relates in whole or part to various Brass instruments such as Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium, and various Horns:


Cleaning a Trombone Slide 

If you are playing a trombone you should use a cleaning rod to wipe the main slide, your cleaning cloth should be long enough that it never entirely disappears inside the sllide, otherwise the cloth and cleaning rod will get stuck inside the slide if this happens DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself as this will result in more damage to the slide.


Oiling Valves via the Slide Method 

The valves of a brass instrument should be oiled every time the instrument is played, this not only reduces wear on the valve lining, but keeps saliva off the valves and helps prevent corrosion. 

  1. Depress the first valve and pull out the first valve slide 
  2. Place 3 or 4 drops of oil into each tube, keeping the valves depressed 
  3. Replace the slide and work the valve up and down several times 
  4. Repeat the above process for each valve

General Care 

Don’t stand a brass instrument on its bell, this is unstable and the instrument may tip over, rather use an instrument stand, or return the instrument to its case. 

Brasso or any other metal polish is unsuitable for cleaning brass instruments, if you need to remove tarnish or water marks from the instruments finish use an instrument polishing cloth, these can be purchased from Wendy’s Music online shop.



Should your instrument become damaged, do not attempt to repair it yourself, instead discuss where to take it with your teacher or search online for the best instrument repairer in your area.



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