Learning to play Flute involves several different components. Breath control, mouth shape ( known as embouchure) , learning the fingering for different notes, reading music and of course course playing lots of tunes!

It can be surprising to most beginners that getting the first sound from a flute can be rather tricky as they have to shape their mouth and blow into the open mouthpiece of the flute in a particular way otherwise nothing happens! Sometimes it can take quite a few goes, even weeks to get sound happening consistently. The fingering on a flute though is relatively straightforward and very similar to a recorder.


A Flute student at Wendy’s Music school will work with their flute teacher on a mix of activities to develop well rounded musical skills, give variety and review new concepts in different ways, as needed by each individual student.

Flute lessons can include: Technique Exercises, Playing Tunes, Listening Activities, Quizzes, Reading Music, Creative Improvisation.

Typically each week a new musical concept will be explored and relevant Tunes and Performance music will be selected to assist in the understanding of the concept.

Flute students can choose with their flute teacher to prepare for flute exams usually through the ANZCA or AMEB music exam institutions. Normally this opportunity is suitable after a student has been learning flute for a minimum of 18 months approximately.

Flute lesson Homework recommendations:

We recommend that all flute students set aside time ( 5-15 mins to start) each week between lessons to review and develop the skills covered in their lesson. A written set of homework goals is emailed to flute students after each flute lesson by their flute teacher.

Wendy’s Music School has a “Play at home rewards” program that encourages students to develop a regular routine each week.


Flute lesson Books and Resources:

Wendy’s Music School provides a suite unique, step by step Flute learning materials as part of all Flute lessons. These resources are available online and can be downloaded and printed/saved if desired.

These “Learn to Play Flute” resources are provided without any additional cost to the Flute students and are typically used for the first 2 years of learning with additional Performance material chosen and purchased individually by students.

Obtaining a Flute:

Although our Flute teachers may have a flute available for a Trial lesson, it is important for flute students to obtain their own instrument as soon as possible. Recurve flutes are available for students usually around age 5 to 8.

Flutes can range in price significantly as with most instruments. We have a few recommended instruments suited to students listed on our online shop for purchase here.

A flute should have a hard case, and  a cleaning rod or brush.


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