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Wendy’s Music Curriculum offers an integrated system of internal Certificates for the Stage 1 Beginner, Stage 2 Preparatory and Stage 3 Preliminary levels.
As they progress through the Wendy’s Music Programs students are also offered the opportunity when appropriate to undertake external exams through the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts institution known as ANZCA. These exams can begin with a short “introductory “ level exam for some instruments suitable for students starting Stage 2 of Wendy’s programs.

The Wendy’s Music Program is specifically designed to provide a well rounded musical education that covers all the areas required for undertaking music examinations.

  • Wendy’s Music Certificates and ANZCA Music Examinations require students to prepare
  • Performance of technical exercises from set lists for each level,
  • Performance of pieces from set lists for each level,
  • Knowledge of the musical signs, terms, notation and other specifics to each grade for each piece performed,
  • Accurate reading of a short excerpt of unknown music at sight,
  • Recognition of musical concepts by ear from the specified list for the grade.

Students receive a Written Report with comments and marks for each category covered in the exam. Students also receive a profesional looking Certificate in recognition of their achievement.

Exam Dates

Exams are currently available 2- 3 times per year in Australia ,New Zealand and Asia. Entries with payment of fees are required several months in advance,

In Australia the sessions are held:

  • May / June August/September and October / November
  • For Wendy’s Music School Students to enter, please complete the online form ( top left of your screen) by NO LATER than
  • March 15 for May /June
  • May 15 for August/September
  • July 27 for October/November

Further details including costs can be found at
Please note a $10 admin fee is charged by WMS for exam entries.

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