Drum lessons are now more available than ever with the choice of drums. There are traditional acoustic drum kits in sizes for all ages and styles, and electronic kits so your drummer can play without interrupting anyone else!

Drum teachers can now provide drum lessons via Zoom that are fun and effective too.

Learning drums means learning to keep a strong beat, understand rhythms, fills, rudiments PLUS you get to use both arms and legs all at once!

Drummers have the opportunity as they develop skills to play with mates and in bands. The drummer is the backbone of any ensemble, wherther that’s Rock, Country, Jazz or any other style of music.



Drumming is made up of a number of components:

  • co-ordination
  • keeping a steady beat
  • controlling the sticks
  • rhythmic patterns
  • rudiments & fills
  • reading charts

A typical drum lesson may include some warm up rudiment exercises,  reading drum charts and working one a song or two.

To get the most benefit from lessons, we recommend aiming for around 4 sessions of playing at home between lessons on the work allocated to you from your teacher. Each lesson your teacher will email the agreed work and goals for the week so you always have a reference of what to do.



Regardless of where you have your drum lesson,  it will be necessary for you to have your own drum kit asap. For In Person lessons at a Teacher’s studio, you may be able to have your Trial lesson on the Teacher’s kit, but the sooner you have something to play on at home, the sooner you can be having the satisfaction of playing and developing those drum skills.

Although a set of stix and a practise pad can be a useful start, most students find them limiting as they don’t replicate the full kit, hence we do not recommend them.



Elian Sellanes

Beginner Lessons
Preschool - Adult Lessons
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Paul Wookey

Beginner-Advanced Lessons
Junior - Adult Lessons
Coburg North & Online Lessons

Wendy Brentnall-Wood

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