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Program : Cello

Available in Studio and In Home


Learn to Play Cello Program is for children and adults of all ages.

Activity choices include:

  • Playing Tunes
  • Reading Music
  • Theory
  • Technique
  • Performing and more

Your teacher will devise a program of activities aimed to help you individually achieve your musical goals and learn the music of your choice.

What beginners will learn:

  • Basic understanding of reading music
  • Music or Tunes of your choice
  • How to make up your own music
  • How to prepare for a performance
  • Correct techniques of playing
  • other musical skills as requested

What more advanced players will learn:

An individual tailored program.

It is suggested that students set aside time each week between lessons to review and develop the skills and music through the week’s requested homework (currently written in each student’s music diary).

A minimum of 4 Sessions of playing at home of homework are suggested. Playing at home sessions should be based on adequate repetition and improvement in the ease of playing set homework with good concentration rather than specific amounts of time, hence sessions may vary from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Finding a set time for playing at home is highly recommended with parental supervision and assistance for children at all times.

Homework typically consists of:

  • Technique Exercise(s)
  • One or More Tunes
  • Performance Piece

For Beginner students a CORE METHOD Book is used to learn the Basics of music. Individual choices of Song and other music can be purchased through Wendy's online shop.

Supplementary Books suggested by your teacher such as Theory, Technique, Create, Sight reading and Backing Trax are also available from Wendy's online shop.

NB Performance book prices vary.

Students are required to have an instrument to play on at home however an instrument may be able to be provided for a TRIAL lesson.

A Cello kit should include a Bow, Case, Rosen.

Please visit Wendy's online shop for available instruments to purchase

Lesson Program Plans
Lessons are paid via a MONTHLY Direct debit from a credit card, through a secure online Banking service.

  • Payments are made at the start of the month ( in advance).
  • Payments are for 4 lessons per month, except where there are 5 weeks in the month, in which case payment will be for 5 lessons.
  • Students can reschedule their lessons online if a minimum of 24 hours notice is given. There is no limit on lesson reschedule requests.
  • Cancellation given with less than 24 hours notice will mean the lesson fee will still be charged as if a lesson was given.
  • If lessons are NOT required on Public Holidays or School Holidays or Personal Holidays, students can request to have those lessons CANCELLED ( no lesson fees debited for the dates requested, and no makeups). Cancellations must be made prior to the start of the month in which they are required.

Wendy’s Music offers a variety of Lessons at various costs.

Lesson fees are the same for all instruments, but vary upon Location ( $2 extra per student, per lesson for In Home) and for Master Teachers ( and extra $6.50 for a Master)


In Teacher’s Home Studios,

In Student’s Homes ( with an additional $2 per student fee each lesson)


30 minutes

45 minutes


All Wendy’s Music Teachers have undertaken specialist Teacher training to enable them to provide high quality lessons using Wendy’s Step by Step Teaching System.

A MASTER teacher, is someone who has extremely high qualifications and usually over 20 years experience. Lesson fees for a Master teacher are currently an additional $6.50 per 30 minute lesson.


Cancellations by Teachers

If a teacher is unwell, they will contact students asap and the lesson will deferred/banked and rescheduled within 90 days.
If a teacher is unavailable the lesson will deferred/banked and rescheduled within 90 days.

Public and School Holidays
Lessons are scheduled every week at the same day and time regardless of public holidays or school holidays. Students who wish to cancel lessons on a public holiday or for school holidays simply complete our online form prior to that month and those lessons will not be charged.

Students arriving late for lessons will not have their time extended as this adversely affects other students.

Payment of Tuition
Payments are made by direct debit from a card via a secure Bank payment system. Books or equipment will usually be purchased separately from our online website.

Please note that tuition fees are non-refundable.


Receipts are issued automatically via email upon confirmation of payment.

Photo/Video Authority
Enrollment in all Wendy’s Music Programs the Student/Parent/Guardian automatically agrees to allow Wendy’s Music to take and use any photos or moving pictures through the course of classes or performances and to use those items for promotional purposes without laying claim to royalties or rights etc.

Student Performances
As part of our teaching methodology and syllabus, we are pleased to offer all students the exciting opportunity for performance. We anticipate all students at every level will take part in performances on a regular basis to develop their musical skills.

Exam Opportunities

As part of our service we offer students ( when appropriate ) the opportunity to sit for Music Exams with the AMEB and ANZCA. Please consult your teacher for suitability and refer to our Exam info page.

Exam Opportunities

The Lite program is not designed to lead student to exams. It is suggested that the Comprehensive Program be followed if you wish to undertake exams. Alternately a student studying the LITE program can change to the Comprehensive program at any time, however some time would need to be allowed to potentially "catch up" in activities not previously requested in lessons.

Wendy’s Music Curriculum offers an integrated system of internal Certificates for the Stage 1 Beginner, Stage 2 Preparatory and Stage 3 Preliminary levels.
As they progress through the Wendy’s Music Programs students are also offered the opportunity when appropriate to undertake external exams through ANZCA or AMEB. These exams can begin with a short “introductory “ level exam for some instruments suitable for students starting Stage 2 of Wendy’s programs

Performance Opportunities

Learning music includes learning how to perform. Wendy’s Local Showcases are an opportunity to learn to perform! Regardless of whether you want to be a professional performer or desire to perform on a stage, most people want to at least be able to play for family and friends without being stricken with nerves or other performance issues.

As part of Wendy’s Music programs, students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunity to learn how to develop skills of performing by taking part in the local area showcases that happen each semester and online.

Individual Studio Program


per 30 minute lesson per week

One student per teacher

Individual In Home Program


per 30 minute lesson each week

per student in your home

Individual Skype Program


per 30 minute lesson per week

Lessons in your home online via Skype.

Suitable Age: Not currently available


Suitable Age:  5 –11 years

Lesson Length: 30 minutes each week

Class Sizes: Individual

Suitable Age:  12 – 19 years, 20 years +

Lesson Length: 30 minutes each week

Class sizes: Individual

Price : Free

Difficulty : Childrens Courses Intermediate & Advanced Teens & Adults