Clarinet is one of those instruments that most people can pick up, blow and get a sound from immediately. Clarinet lessons are where you learn to play clarinet well. This means learning how to produce a nice sound consistently.That’s without squeaks  or squawks! This involves learning things like mouth shape (embouchure). The choice and placement of reeds and breathing techniques and finger placement.

Learning Clarinet is not all hard work though! There is a wealth of music available in a variety of musical styles. This includes contemporary, jazz and classical music. Students are encouraged to discuss suggestions and their preferences with their clarinet teacher so they are always learning to play clarinet music that motivates them and is enjoyable.


Students work with their teachers to choose most appropriate and motivating material for their level and goals.

Activities may include warmup Technique Exercises,Playing Tunes and Performance Pieces, Listening Activities, Quizzes, Reading Music or Creative Improvisation.

Clarinet students can choose with their clarinet teacher to prepare for clarinet exams usually through the ANZCA or AMEB music exam institutions. Normally this opportunity is suitable after a student has been learning clarinet for a minimum of 18 months approximately.


We recommend that clarinet students set aside time each week between lessons to review and develop these skills covered in their lesson. A written set of homework goals is emailed to clarinet students after each clarinet lesson by their clarinet teacher.

4 Sessions of playing at home are suggested each week. Playing at home sessions should be based on adequate repetition and improvement in the ease of playing set homework with good concentration rather than specific amounts of time, hence sessions may vary from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Wendy’s Music School has a “Play at home rewards” program that encourages students to develop a regular routine each week.


Beginner Clarinet students currently are required to purchase a Clarinet Method book and potentially additional sheet music depending on their choice of fun music they wish to play.

All students can easily purchase through Wendy’s online Shop and receive a discount.


Although our Clarinet teachers may have a clarinet available for a Trial lesson, it is important for clarinet students to obtain their own instrument as soon as possible. COVID safety also means instruments can not safely be shared.

Clarinets can range in price significantly as with most instruments. We have a few recommended instruments suited to students listed on our online shop for purchase here.

A clarinet should have a hard case, and  a cleaning rod or brush and polish cloth. Students will also need a good supply ( at least 3) reeds usually of a size 1 or 1.5 to begin. These reeds are easily broken so a reed case is great investment too.


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