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Making Music Relevant to Students Lives

Most people have a limited supply of money to live and therefore how they use it is important to them. Priorities in their life will change and therefore what they feel is valuable enough to spend their money will also change. If their financial circumstance changes, so too will their priorities and values.

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Preparing Students for Exams

Preparing students for exams is actually an added service that we as teachers can give, if we know how. To tell you more about adding value to your music teaching business, feel free to connect with me as I offer coaching and online courses. I will give you trade secrets on how to make your music school a success as much as mine. You can choose from a variety of courses here. Most teachers can teach the technical part of playing their instrument(s) and some teach the theory of music but it is not a natural skill to teach the art of preparing for Performance exams. So here I will share to you some tips for those without the experience because after all, the success of our students is also our success as teachers.

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Teaching Music in the YouTube Generation.

The challenge of teaching music in the YouTube generation.

Do you know anyone that doesn’t know about YouTube? I’m pretty sure that most people who use a computer, tablet or smart phone these days know about the value that YouTube gives as a source of free information via video.

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