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Making Music Relevant to Students Lives

Most people have a limited supply of money to live and therefore how they use it is important to them. Priorities in their life will change and therefore what they feel is valuable enough to spend their money will also change. If their financial circumstance changes, so too will their priorities and values.

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Health and Other Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

There are a lot of different reasons that children and adults decide to learn music, just like there are a lot of different instruments and styles of music they can learn!

Most people who start learning to play an instrument are doing it for their love of music and the fun of doing it. But did you know there are many positive aspects of learning to play an instrument besides just the joy of playing? In this infographic from our friend Guitar teaching friend John Holloway, over 26 benefits of playing a musical instrument are highlighted.

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Music Teacher Marketing Course

Marketing Apps for Your Music School

Marketing means getting the word out so your potential students can find you. In today’s digital age, you can choose from a lot of paid or free marketing apps to especially reach out to your millennial students.

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Top 5 Places to Find New Students for Your Music School

When we are starting a Music School we all get hyped up for this new experience expanding our love for music. But wait, where will I exactly find new students, you may ask? If you already have an existing music school but want to grow your students, and tried many different techniques already, you may want to check out these top 5 places to find new students for your music school.

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