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Your Music School Evolution to Growth.

Have you noticed that everything in life has phases?
As humans for example we are classed as Babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, seniors.
Plants go through similar growth and development from seedlings to saplings to immature and mature plants.
Businesses also go through different phases of development, regardless of what sort of business it is.

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Music Teacher Marketing Course

Marketing Apps for Your Music School

Marketing means getting the word out so your potential students can find you. In today’s digital age, you can choose from a lot of paid or free marketing apps to especially reach out to your millennial students.

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Setting-up Music School Lesson Policies

If you are planning to start a Music School, you will soon find the need to set-up lesson policies for organization and for general rules for your students.

The aim is to be clear and consistent in what will work for you and your school , to enable you to provide the highest quality of service and education that you can. You have to take into consideration things like attendance, makeup lessons, teacher absences, practice, and tuition. As other items arise, you can always update your policies.

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