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Wendy Brentnall-Wood is known as a “serial Music Education Entrepreneur” due to having 40 years experience and being the founder of numerous and varied music education businesses.

Wendy is now sharing her journey and her knowledge to others as a Speaker at a variety of events such as :

  • Conference Workshops & Presentations,
  • Professional Development Sessions for Music Teachers,
  • Tertiary Music Student Mentoring & Workshops
  • Panel Presenter,
  • Music Store Teacher Sessions,
  • Private Teacher Training & Business Events.

Wendy welcomes your interest and can customise an event to your needs.
Below you will find a few sample ideas:

Music Teachers who are not working for a school are are ostensibly Business owners, but usually they have no training as business owners.

This discussion is aimed at Music Teachers who work for themselves ( or want to) and wish to improve their situation. It will be an interactive workshop.

Learn the stages a Music School or Music Teaching Business grows through from working for someone else to owning multiple businesses, known as the Music School Success Ladder.

  • Where are YOU on the Ladder? and where do you want to get to?
  • What are areas of Management required in running a Music School Business? and what tasks do these entail?
  • How do you grow a business from being a sole teacher, to employing others, owning a retail studio, multiple studios and so forth?

At the end of the session, Participants will know;

  • Where they are currently on the MSS ladder.
  • What level they are aiming for,
  • The 8 Areas of Business Management
    Phases of development of their Music School
  • Steps to move up the MSS Ladder

Music Teachers are creative people and often they are not satisfied in using other people’s teaching resources. Perhaps they feel something is lacking in other “methods” they are using, perhaps the language or activities don’t suit their style. There could be many reasons a teacher either feels the need or feels the inspiration to develop their own unique program of learning.

A teaching program could be a mixture of commercially available resources, OR resources constructed specifically by you / your team ,OR a mixture of both!

The purpose of this workshop is to lead participants through a series of steps on the journey to begin developing their own teaching syllabus or program AND potentially their own teaching resources.

  • What is the Vision of your syllabus or program. Steps to determine this.
  • What are the expected musical/student outcomes of your syllabus or program.
  • What “activities” do you wish to include?
  • What will the Nitty gritty content look like?
  • What media are you going to use to deliver it?
  • Choices to format & publish?

At the end of the session, participants will;

  • Have a draft vision
  • Basic Plan of action to develop their program
  • Inspiration to develop their own program!

Very few Independent Music Teachers actively decide they want to run a business and then choose to make that a business in Music Education, most want to teach and then have to learn the “business” as they go along!

The implications of developing a business in this haphazard way can be huge, from financial stress, being time poor, feeling taken advantage of, not to mention to legal and tech problems that can show up!

Regardless where your Music School or Studio currently sits in its business life/stage of development, it is never too late to start improving its health!

This interactive workshop is will take independent studio teachers through a step by step checklist of important features in running an efficient, profitable and INSPIRING Music School or Studio. including but not limited to:

  • Business Structure
  • Registrations
  • Networks
  • Policies
  • HR
  • IP
  • IT
  • Financial, Operational and Marketing systems
  • and more….

At the end of the session, participants will;

  • Have a list of what they have successfully in place,
  • What they NEED to put in place,
  • The overall HEALTH of their Music School to achieve their dreams.

Too many music learners stop lessons because what they are learning is not relevant to their lives.

Too many music lovers struggle to play music relevant to them because they are relying upon other amateur musicians on Youtube as they believe traditional lessons don’t suit them.

It’s time to move Studio music lessons and learning from being an ‘after school activity” to a skill that is used by the learner within their own life to develop and strengthen relationships, build confidence and much more. Many instrumental music students are not making music outside of their lesson, home, exams or occasional studio performance. The musical skills they are learning are not being used in “normal life” and therefore they are not getting the fullest benefits that music can bring to enhancing their wellbeing.

In this workshop we will;

  • Explore typical lesson content and why it is not always relevant to learners.
  • Explore the areas of life where music making IS relevant to learners,
  • Brainstorm what music and musical activities could be utilised in studio lessons and outside it to make the learning more motivational and inspiring for learners.

Participants will leave the session with an inspiring list of not just ideas, but specific tools and resources lists that they can have at their fingertips during lessons or better still use when planning their next term or semester studio goals.

Wendy's Music: Wendy Brentnall-Wood

Wendy has most recently inspired and assisted Musicians and Music Teachers with her Workshops at events such as:

APPC Adelaide AUST 2017
AUSTA Perth AUST 2018
Celebrate Your Genius Christchurch NZ 2018
WAMTA Perth 2018
VMTA Melbourne 2018
VMTA 2021
ASME 2021

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To discuss the availability of having Wendy speak or present a workshop at your event using one of the above themes or a customised theme, please send an email with full details including dates of your request.

Please note with 40 years experience in a variety of Music Education settings, Wendy is able to customise a workshop to your needs – please supply details in your email if this is your preference.

Length of Workshops can be from 45 minutes to several hours as needed. Cost will vary accordingly.