How to Purchase a Trial lesson OR SUBSCRIPTION :

  1. For lessons, use our teacher locator to find a teacher that suits you.
  2. Complete our REGISTRATION form to make a lesson booking or purchase your initial self paced course subscription.
  3. Start by completing the details of the student(s)
  4. Next add details of yourself as Parent ( unless you are the student of course!)
  5. Complete your credit card details to pay the $27 fee (DISCOUNTED Trial lesson normally $38.50 to $45) or 3 month course subscription.
  6. You will receive an email confirmation when successfully processed and another with login details to your account.
  7. Please Login to your account and for lessons, please book a lesson time with the teacher of your choice.
  8. If you have any problems please contact or 0418 394 556 ( leave a message if needed). Thanks!

What to expect in a Trial lesson.

The trial lesson allows you to try the instrument, meet the teacher, discuss your musical goals and musical questions, and discover how you can start making music.

It is always best if the student has their own instrument to bring to their trial lesson and essential for online lessons of course. For face to face lessons however your teacher may be able to supply an instrument for the trial lesson. Ongoing students will need their own instrument. Teachers can advise correct size and other details during the trial.