Wendy’s Music has been operating in Melbourne, Australia since 1978 when Wendy Brentnall-Wood began her instrumental teaching career. Wendy’s Music School Programs have operated in numerous Primary schools around Melbourne in 4 Retail Music Schools, in Music Teachers private Studios and now also online.

Wendy is a multi instrumentalist with classroom and instrumental and ensemble teaching experience and has written her own Teaching Resources known as the “Learn to Play or Sign Method” for Piano, Guitar, Violin, Singing, Flute and Saxophone ( so far). She has also written “The Little Musos ” Group Preschool program and in 2019 released a book for Music Teachers, “Music Teaching Made Profitable”.

Wendy’s Method has been used by hundreds of Australian Music teachers for thousands of Australian students from age 3 to 99 years! Wendy has also trained and coached hundreds of teachers not only with her teaching programs, but also to become efficient, effective and successful business owners.

Teachers at Wendy’s Music School come from varied backgrounds but are chosen because they have the same desire as Wendy, to encourage every student to achieve their dreams and goals. It is suggested that all teachers undergo the relevant background checks and their status can be seen on their profile.

Teacher Profiles include qualifications, experience, philosophy and more, however meeting the teacher at a first TRIAL lesson is strongly encouraged as a first step towards finding the most suitable music teacher for you.

Wendy’s Learning Resources are available to all teachers with specific and detailed training, however it is the choice of the student and teacher to choose a Method and Resources that work best for them.

Wendy’s Music School provides admin support to all teachers and students, however teachers and students manage their schedules using our powerful software online themselves as far as possible.

There are many different approaches to learning Music.

There are also many components of learning music, but whether they are relevant to you depends upon your musical goals.

Wendy’s “learn to Play or Sing Method” enables step by step learning as quickly or slowly as you need in an encouraging environment with a variety of musical activities each lesson. Wendy’s curriculum when used in full gives every student the chance to experience all the aspects of making music.

  • Efficient technique
  • Reading and Writing
  • Playing and Performing
  • Listening and Understanding
  • Creating and improvising

Ask your teacher about using Wendy’s Learn to Play or Sing Material!

Wendy’s Music strives to make it simple to learn to play an instrument or sing regardless of age or prior experience.

In addition to finding the right teacher, students need to have access to suitable sheet music, equipment and instruments and at times upgrades will be needed.

Buying a musical instrument or finding the right equipment or books can be confusing for anyone just starting out, so Wendy’s Music provide a full service of Books, Equipment and instruments available for purchase directly from our online shop. Wendy is also willing to assist you as needed.

All our products are sourced from the top distributors in Australia and chosen specifically for music students and teachers.

I am passionate about encouraging and inspiring people to begin to experience the heart filling joy of making music in a simple, easy and systematic way, enabling them to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

Wendy Brentnall-Wood

(Founder of Wendy’s Music)

Wendy Having fun with her Flute
Wendy Having fun with her Flute

Enabling us to help disadvantaged children

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Wendy’s Music Schools have been created specifically to help more people make music. We aim to provide a simple and effective music learning program for people of all ages wanting to start or improve their music making skills.
We also aim to provide quality,value and great customer care. Making music engages the whole brain and keeps it active. Music can help concentration, learning and emotional development and help develop better self esteem. The gift of making music is a life-long gift. No one is too old to receive this gift of music and we hope to connect people of all ages from preschool to seniors to musicians and teachers who can positively impact upon their lives. Here at Wendy’s Music, our impact is even wider. You see, we believe that every business has the power to change lives and produce a positive social impact too. So, through our Partners B1G1: Business for Good, we make sure that every time someone deals with us, something great happens.

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