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Violin is one of the most demanding instruments as a beginner, but also one of the most rewarding instruments to play. It is said that the Violin is almost like singing in the quality of sound it can produce when well played.
Starting young can be beneficial as children’s listening skills can develop alongside their technical skills without the frustration that adult’s have of overly high expectations. Older beginners however often have the advantage of patience, determination and motivation.
Violin is a wonderful instrument equally at home playing solo or in a group with many musical styles available and suited to it’s sound.

Violin is a very technical instrument. Holding the bow in your right hand and holding the Violin on your left shoulder require very particular posture and strength to maintain. Most Violin teachers like to begin with some basic warmup exercises to help develop the strength in the bow hand and to support the Violin.
Playing Violin also requires players to develop excellent listening skills so that they can tune their notes accurately as there are no keys or frets to show note placement. Whilst playing any exercises or tunes, your teacher will be encouraging you to listen carefully to the tuning of your notes and giving you strategies to assist. additional listening exercises may also be introduced to help.
Reading music will open the door to a huge world of musical possibility, hence even beginners can start by learning to read open strings and then individual fingerings on each string. This is often done in conjunction with well known tunes chosen with the individual student’s preferences in mind.

Violins come in fractional sizes so that children from age three are able to begin if their teacher believes they are ready. Typically a student around 11years may have progressed through the various sizes to a full size Violin.
A Violin should come in a hard case (with a correctly sized bow) to protect it from dust and knocks. A polish cloth is also useful to keep dust of the varnish and avoid grime building up.
A shoulder rest is invaluable for beginning players to assist in supporting the Violin over the collarbone correctly. These are available in clip on or tie on varieties.

Wendy's Violin students automatically have access to all Wendy's "Learn to Play Violin" resources which take beginners through around 18 months to 2 years of learning and include a huge variety of activities.