Wendy’s Programs are designed to make learning to read and play so simple that you can play a tune in your first session.
Tunes have easy to play backing tracks that make you sound like an instant rock star!
For those who enjoy variety, there are many choices of activities you can have fun with.
Get your groove on with CREATE playalongs,
Test your knowledge with fun flashcard games,
 Play well known music at the level that you can achieve,
See your progress as you master lesson by lesson, level by level,
and much more!

Everyone has a voice and therefore everyone has the ability to sing, Singing well means having  good breath control, keeping in tune, clear pronunciation of words and much more which is where singing lessons from an expert can help.
Vocal music surrounds us in a myriad of musical styles. There is Popular or contemporary music, classical and jazz, musical theatre and so many more styles. It is not necessary for students to select one style or another when they are starting. A skilled teacher will recognise what suits their voice as well as their personal preferences.

A typical singing lesson will start with some warmup exercises to avoid injury. Your lesson may then proceed to some technical exercises to work on your pitch, your range, tone or another aspect of your sound production.
Sight singing which involves learning to read traditional music notation is valuable to open the door to independent learning.
Exams are available to those students who want recognition of achieving recognised music levels.

For Singing lessons you are lucky to be able to always have your instrument ( your voice) with you, and you don’t have to buy it! You do however have to look after it, so we suggest you always have a water bottle on hand to keep your voice hydrated.
During lessons you will have the use of Wendy’s learning resources as part of your lesson fees, but you may decide to purchase additional music.
Headphones and access to a digital library is handy and for many students access to a keyboard or piano to help keep in pitch for warmup exercises at the very least can be  really useful!