Wendy’s Programs are designed to make learning to read and play so simple that you can play a tune in your first session.
Tunes have easy to play backing tracks that make you sound like an instant rock star!
For those who enjoy variety, there are many choices of activities you can have fun with.
Get your groove on with CREATE playalongs,
Test your knowledge with fun flashcard games,
 Play well known music at the level that you can achieve,
See your progress as you master lesson by lesson, level by level,
and much more!
Piano lessons can start from as young as three years with some teachers, and continue even for beginners in the senior years.
Learning Piano or Keyboard is treated in the same way for beginners as they learn their way round the keys, the music and the co-ordination involved in playing!
Well known for being wonderfully versatile the piano is an instrument able to be played as a soloist and also as an accompanist to others.It’s also one of the easiest to start on as it is so easy to get your first sound and first tune!
Whether classical, contemporary, jazz or another style of music attracts you, piano is one that can deliver.

A typical Piano lesson will involve a range of activities designed to develop finger independence, co-ordination between hands, reading music, listening activities, quizzes and of course playing lots of well known tunes.
Each student has the opportunity to choose material they enjoy whilst being guided through a systematic approach to learning the basics.
We recommend through our “Play at Home” Rewards program students aim to play 4 times a week between lessons for at least a few minutes to get the most from lessons.
Exams are available to students as desired.

Piano lessons are available for students who have a piano or a keyboard at home. A Trial lesson at a Teacher’s home studio (when available) will allow the student to try a lesson first before purchasing their own piano or keyboard.
Instruments vary greatly in price, size and capability. The cheaper option is to buy a portable keyboard, but don’t get fooled into buying a small one as it won’t last long enough to make it worthwhile.  A minimum of 5 octaves and preferably with “touch response” ( plays loud and soft  by pressing harder/softer) is suggested although that may only last a keen student for 12 -24 months before an upgrade to a digital piano or acoustic piano is required.
In addition to an instrument, headphones are helpful for keyboard and digital pianos and a sustain pedal is essential!
For keyboards the importance of having the instrument at a good height means an adjustable stand for the instrument and an adjustable stool.
Wendy provides a full suite of learning resources for use in lessons and at home, but additional sheet music may be needed from time to time too.