Online 60 minute Weekly Masterclass with Wendy!

Do you need help Starting or Growing your Music School?

Have lots of questions or problems you want help and answers for?


This 8 week MASTERCLASS can get you the answers!

Learn from Wendy’s 40 years of experience in school, studio, franchise and home Music Schools

Discover the Music School Success System that ANYONE CAN USE to CREATE and GROW a profitable Music School.

New Masterclass Sessions starting soon.

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In this 8 week online program you will:

  1. Each week learn from Wendy as she provides training in one of the 7 Steps of Growing a Music School.
  2. Each week you will have the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your current situation and receive help direct from Wendy.
  3. Each week you will learn from hearing about the journeys and questions raised by others in the group.
  4. Each week you will enjoy the support and encouragement and accountability of being in a SMALL, SUPPORTIVE GROUP of like minded people.
  5. Access to a dedicated facebook group for help and support between sessions.

WEEK 1: STARTING POINT – Discover where you are located on the Music School Success Ladder.

WEEK 2: PREPARE – Audit the resources you have available.

WEEK 3: DREAM – Deep thinking to unveil your deepest desires.

WEEK 4: DESIGN – Planning how to turn the dreams into reality.

WEEK 5: BUILD – Doing the work to bring the plans to life.

WEEK 6: LIVE – Testing and tweaking time.

WEEK 7: SHARE – How to Make an impact with your music school.

WEEK 8: EXPAND – Steps to Growing in size, responsibility and income.

Each weekly session will be held on the Same Nominated Day and Time each week for 8 weeks continuously, or on dates as stipulated at enrolment. Where possible an evening and a daytime session is offered.

If you are unable to attend a session, you can submit your question for discussion in that session and watch the recording afterwards.


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Each session will be held as an ONLINE Meeting using the Zoom Meeting platform – this is a free software download.

Zoom can be used on PC, Mac or Mobile devices.

Participants are recommended to have a good quality microphone, earphones or Headset to enable the best possible Audio and Visual experience.

Wendy will at times share presentations on the screen plus you will see and speak with all other participants, so you can wear your PJ’s but don’t forget you will be seen!

Recordings will be made of each session and these will also be made available later to participants for review.

Meet Wendy Brentnall-Wood

Wendy Brentnall-Wood started teaching at the age of 18 and grew her Music Education Company to over 30 teachers and schools, 4 retail studios and 7 franchises AND wrote her own series of over 110 Music teaching Books, Preschool and other programs. She turned family trauma and depression which threatened to destroy it all into a positive outcome of finding her life’s purpose, spreading more music to communties.

This Masterclass Program cuts right to the chase and enables you to learn exactly how Wendy was able to repeatedly and successfully built numerous Music Schools in a variety of formats.This program allows Wendy to specifically help YOU from whatever point you currently are in starting or growing your Music Teaching, or Music School Business,

Wendy usually charges hundreds of dollars per hour to work with clients but this training reveals the exact same methods to you for a fraction of the cost!

The Masterclass has 10 Places only!

Register now before places are filled.