When you learn music with Wendy’s Music School you are enabling us to help disadvantaged children also have the benefits of making music.

Wendy’s Music Schools have been created specifically to help more people make music.
We aim to provide a simple and effective music learning program for people of all ages wanting to start or improve their music making skills.
We also aim to provide quality,value and great customer care.
Making music engages the whole brain and keeps it active.
Music can help concentration, learning and emotional development and help develop better self esteem.
The gift of making music is a life-long gift.
No one is too old to receive this gift of music and we hope to connect people of all ages from preschool to seniors to musicians and teachers who can positively impact upon their lives.
Here at Wendy’s Music, our impact is even wider.
You see, we believe that every business has the power to change lives and produce a positive social impact too.

So, through our Partners B1G1: Business for Good, we make sure that every time someone deals with us, something great happens.
You can see more about what that means right here :